Suzy Parker, Pitou and Friends

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Loved this video as well as the one about Pitou. Captured his inner and outer beauty so well, felt like I knew him, or would've wanted to. This all started after I read about your Suzy Parker book and now can't wait to read it. Just saw Number 12 again and have loved her since I first saw it in 1964 when I just 13, when I was a suburban Nashville Cat, just a "musical proverbial knee-high" of sorts, as John Sebastian once sang. You were west going east studying art at Briarcliff in 1971, same year I was east goes west studying painting at Cal Arts with Mimi Shapiro at Villa Cabrini near Burbank. Sad to see those kinds of days end, but like you said, so glad they happened. Keep up the great work!

Author — crypltdstny


You wrote this book? I love Suzy! Most beautiful model ever.

Author — Sacheverelle


When Suzy and Pitou first met, during the summer of 1950 at a garden party given by legendary designer, Jacques Fath, at his home outside of Paris, Suzy was only seventeen. For more on their incredible story, go to the Beautiful Riddle ( website.

Author — Berenice de la Salle


Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated era

Author — J A Jones-Ford


Enjoying very much your 50's 60's fashion videos. Intrigued by that era.
You have been covering so much maybe you or someone on your postings here can help?

Q? trying to ID a haute couture photograph that eludes me to date. It looks like a John French Penn or Avedon. A black and white couture photo, of a woman in white evening gown and ample fashion millinery looking/facing her left and down into the viewfinder of a Blad mounted on a tripod. White seamless backdrop.
I have been perusing fashion and fashion photographers vids and images for months and can't find it. I once saw it as a large poster.
Can you direct? or someone posting help me get a bead on this photographer and his or her photograph, please? It is driving me to distraction. It sure looks like a John French. I'm baffled/stymied.
Thanks if you can!!

Author — theGarinator