[MUGEN 2014] Retro Heroes in: Castle Calamity

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

In this video, I'm doing more of this funny mini-game: Castle Calamity. This time, I'm doing it with 5 retro characters to deal with this crazy castle. This is the updated version of this mini-game, because there are 30 scenes for this version. Let's see if Q*Bert, Number Muncher, Cool Spot, Tempo and ToeJam to take on this funny mini-game. Enjoy!

Q*Bert, Cool Spot, Tempo and ToeJam by RoySquadRocks
Number Muncher by DJ HannibalRoyce
Castle Calamity: The Game version 2.0 by N64Mario

Stage: Castle Background Remix
BGM: Athletic theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo

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That was your chance to put in Atari Dragon, so Atari Dragon could've been eaten by Atari Dragon

Author — C McCann


literally number 5 triggers my memory.

Author — klinky klink


Where did Tempo and the frog come from?

Author — James Williams


No One can Ruin our dear Q-Bert with UnderTale.

Author — Chuck the Quail


Can't Start On Castle Calamity And There's No Such Thing As The Start Button!

Author — criszilla101