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How to record a voice-over? | MOVAVI HELPS 5

Voiceover may come in handy for a vlog, a video tutorial or TV series dubbing. To record a voice-over, you’ll need a quiet room, a microphone, headphones and Movavi Video Editor.

➤ Room
You can record a voice-over in a professional recording studio, at home or in the office. Remove all the noise sources: turn off the AC, close the doors and shut all the windows. Special acoustic panels are used to remove echo in studios. You can soundproof any of your ceilings or walls. Soft furniture, pillows, blankets, and clothes hanging around the room are helpful at home in place of acoustic panels.

➤ Microphone
Nearly any microphone will do when it comes to recording a voice-over. You may use a gaming headset or any computer headset you like. A simple and inexpensive option is a USB-microphone which directly connects to your computer. Some more expensive options are condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. Purchase a pop shield or google some tips on how to make a pop filter to make yourself.

➤ Headphones
You need headphones to hear the sound of the original video while recording. It’s better to use closed-back earphones with a mic.

Let’s get down to recording! Open up Movavi Video Editor. Upload your video into the program. Click the microphone icon in the toolbar. Select your microphone in the “Audio device” section. Enable voice-over mode. Click the button “Start Recording”. Want to get more details? Stay tuned and enjoy today’s episode of Movavi Helps!

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Author — Movavi Vlog


This helped, plus I’m starting my YouTube channel tomorrow and I need this video to help

Author — Sorachell Playzz


GReat video. Question. Is there any way I can use to microphones and do a voice recroding? I'm trying to do a podcast with a friend (while they are at my house) and record it with movavi. Just wondering if that's possible.

Author — Code Red Conversations


thanks! this was super helpful. but is there another app for voice overs you recommend that are free cause I'm BROKE

Author — Horses&crap


When I go to add the audio device nothing comes up even though I have my headphones plugged in and it has a microphone

Author — Bumble Bee Army


OH MY GOSH! I had no idea I could record directly through Movavi. You just saved me so much time! Thanks!

Author — The Crafty Organizer


Thank you for this video! Very helpful. I got one question: will a Bluetooth headphones work?

Author — Justine Isaiah


You must upload an easy method for recording voice over on less expensive equipment on Mobil phone.



TYSM! Super helpful and easy! Ill be using this video a lot to learn about voiceovers!!!

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What a great and simple video editor this what i am looking for a while

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if you edit with movavi how your text have shadow only option is outline when editing text?

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Thank-you. Just got mike and will be making a voice over You Tube video this week. I learned some tips from this video. Appreciate these video series. Makes you feel you are not alone in using Movavi Video Editor.

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I really didnt need to obvious advice.

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Please I need help, how do I download movavi to my laptop..thanks in anticipation for your response

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sorry if i am in the wrong section but when making a video and i want to add my own music track how do i turn down or delete the original audio in the video. Also when adding own music track how do you turn down or delete part of the music track so you can hear the audio in the original video

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Where is this in the updated version of Movavi?

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My movavi software looks nothing like the above....and it records my voice in slow to i rectify this??

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Thank you for this video. I have MOVAVI video editor plus 20.3.0
Unfortunately I can't find the microphone icon in the toolbar. Could you help please ? THank you in advance !

Author — Eduzen


Thanks for the tutorial. Please why record on mono instead of stereo?

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