Game Developer in A Tiny House

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Whaddup people of the universe!

This chapter of my journey is what my living situation looks like while pursuing entrepreneurship making video games!

Music Cred:

Aurora Allure by Supnate (Prod. by Esco)
Happy To See You by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
Outside Visitors by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist

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Hey, Edwin! Great to see a glimpse of your adventure! Sawyer says hey and thanks for helping him win the Games Cup at CGDC. :)

Author — Chera


Wonderful Tiny House and game. I hope to build my own one day. I also love your energy! I wish you the best on your game.

Author — Glitter Girl


NOW THAT'S A PLAN. I'm so PROUD I'm supporting this project.

Author — Baraborn


You so Looking fwd to more of the adventure!

Author — sBjerk


Hey Edwin! Checked out the vid! Good to see you doing your thing!

Author — BCJ


Hector Campos here, a former game art classmate of yours at AIW. I dont roller blade, BUT DO YOU SMASH? if so we should friend code. Congratulations on your beautiful house and spicy video, im interested greatly in minimalist and sustainable living. Ill email you more thoughts later! Cheers!

Author — The Sun Token- World's First Solar Dome Pipe!


Do you know the exact dimensions of your home? I'm ordering my trailer at the end of the month.

Author — TeeCerberus - GreatBeastGuild


Bingo * You make me float up like I’m on millions of bubbles

Author — Keely Thompson


Greetings Eddie,

Do you have an email address for business inquires?

Author — The HAWK! TV