Mountain Dew VooDew 2 (2020) (Reed Reviews)

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Mountain Dew VooDew 2 (2020) Review

Reed Napier
Po Box 1407
Pineville KY 40977

#MountainDew #VooDew2

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I think it taste like a hand full of skittles

Author — Neo Fighter


Very delicious tastes like skittles though for me if you drink it to often the taste gets stale

Author — Chase&Bowman Nation988


Thumbnail: Its time for the sequel people, its voodoo 2, oh my gawd Woooo

Author — Barthalmoo Bob The Barner E i E i O


Voodew 2 doesn't have the same candy corn taste that the first one had. This one tastes like all the Skittles flavors blended together and brewed into a soda with a hint of Starburst flavor. Who knows what Voodew 3 will taste like if they ever decide to come out with it.

Author — David Sullivan


Archie, The box & Mountain Dew doesn’t get any better!

Author — Metoprolol Tartrate


Candy Corn, Reed likes the flavor of it! Happy Halloween Reed

Author — GreatBeyond74


Good afternoon Reed! Breakfast Pizza from Wal-Mart.

Author — Richard Ashley


Review Ironbeer... like an orange cream soda and dr pepper mixed together 😋

Author — Paul B


Last years Voodoo was candy corn. Though to me it was more like cotton candy . This year most people say Skittles but I get more of a Pink Starburst

Author — Kristel Smith


Another good review, Reed! I bought a 12 pack of this too, it's pretty damn good!

Author — Jordan Heineman


I think last year they revealed the first one to be candy corn so this must be different. I wonder what it is

Author — ArachnoZach


Review the Arby's french dip and swiss sandwich

Author — Chris Smolik


They have a new mountain dew coming out for the holidays it's called ginger bread

Author — Noah Casey


Great review ... Follow MTN dew twitter page as they will release video clues to the flavor, the first video clue they released was on a tree limb ... "Andi Curfty' (Candy Fruit). It taste alot like Skittles but might be a swerve as many thought last year's was skittles but it turned out to be candy corn, so unlikely they repeated candy corn. Have a great week!

Author — Todd Schoppert


I'm just getting a lemony taste. But the smell gives it away. After drinking it your breath smells like how your breath smells after eating Skittles.

Author — Hank Hill


i love voodew mountain dew thanks reed for the review

Author — elliott deiters


Reed.first I love your videos. I'm from somerset ky. Can you review (if you haven't already) watermelon crush

Author — just a normal guy Wesley


Last year's flavor was Candy Corn so it will be different this year.

Author — John McCormack


Hey u should review hot fires vs hot cheetos puffs u can find them anywhere my name is Sergio lopez I am a big fan of your channel great video

Author — Sergio Lopez


Last year was Candy Corn, this year is supposed to be different. Taste just like skittles to me. Last year that's what a lot of people said, so I think that's what they made it this year.

Author — Meech