Dan Bremnes - Hold You Tight (Official Lyric Video)

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

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This song came to me out of no where when i was breaking down thank u lord

Author — Brian Martinez


I heard this song on the radio and I knew instantly that God was speaking to me. Thank You Lord for all of your promises to me. Amen

Author — Reginald Browne


This song is so true.
When my husband left me, with three children, I felt arms around me when I went to bed that night. I truly believe that Jesus was holding me tight. I fell asleep knowing we were going to be alright.

Author — Mollie Logan


I'm struggling with PTSD issues right now and I could really use your prayers. Thanks. This song is a nice reminder that God is with me in this struggle.

Author — AdventureMan (formerly hikerboy16)


I lost both my parents in the span of 10 months. The only reason I don't feel like an orphan is knowing I am a child of God. He holds me tight. Thank you for this song.

Author — Ron Ball


I have really been going thru it and I was crying out to God and asked Him if He would just hold me. I walked out and got in my car to go to church - the song on the radio was ending and this song started. It was perfect timing. Thank you for this song, it blessed me tremendously!

Author — Laura Krecmer


This song came on the radio the moment He saved me from getting into a multi- car accident. When he says tonight, I really believe it. Thank you, Lord God!

Author — Adriana ۵


The lyrics to this popped up on my radio during a really hard night. They played twice and I was able to write them down the second time they played. Then all of sudden, as soon as I had gotten the lyrics written down, it switched to a different song. Needless to say I was in tears.

Author — Zoa Winey


This song makes me cry every time. The first time I heard it was one of those God moments when you turn on your car and the song is just about to start and you know it was meant for you. God is really that personal, loving, and an amazing Father if we believe it. I just read this morning we must become like children to enter His kingdom. He loves us as children.

Author — Cory


These words will comfort every broken heart 💔 ❤️

Author — Mary


Ty! God used you and this beautiful song to speak love over me! He is so worthy of our praise! What a pure love he has for us all!

Author — GraceAndMercy Leslie


extremely underrated .. God bless this man

Author — Timsetto


This song is deep it really touches my soul everytime I hear on the radio.🤗🙏

Author — Enhance Beauty


Can't stop listening. Sharing with family. What an awesome God and He has blessed you with the beautiful gift of song!

Author — Ladonna Buffer


Love this song it’s just what I needed to feel cared for by our wonderful Lord

Author — Berthet Ranch


This song really feels different when you personally can relate to the lyrics. Lying in bed one night, feeling at rock bottom and hopeless, I felt as if someone was grabbing me from behind and pulling me into a tight hug. I felt this hug until I slowly started to fall asleep— I like to believe it was God’s way of saying to hold on and don’t give up. I hope you can find this hope too if you feel you’re struggling and know that you’ll never be alone. Have a good day, sending hugs to all. ♡

Author — HAWKINS _513


I love this song it speaks to me everytime I listen to it thank you so much Lord for everything you have done for my family 💕❤ I am on my mom's account because I can't use another on but anyway my family is going through a hard time I just lost my baby brother 😭 when he was born his heart failed the doctor's where doing their best to keep him alive they got him to come back for awhile but not for long my mom was the only one who got to hold him alive but I thank God every day this song speaks to me about him about how I will hold you tight when I think of that it reminds me of my brother and how that I will hold him tight in my heart but also I will have to let him go as well thank you so much for sharing the song . ❤❤

Author — David Joyal


I just heard this song on the radio when I needed it the most, my mom past away back in December of 2021 and I've been having such a hard time since her passing. She wasn't just my mother but my best friend as well, but when I listen to this song I feel as if it's a warm comforting hug from her.

Tonight was the first time hearing this song, and I truly heard it right when i needed it the most. I've been dealing with such heartache and sorrow but this song helps give me comfort.

Thank you and keep being a blessing and light in this world. God bless!! 💕

Author — Christina Lavonne


Love this song; I keep listening to it over and over. Thank you Father for your faithfulness and care ❤️

Author — Miguel Fernandez


Listening to this on the radio, very beautiful song of assurance. 😇😊

Author — Nocturnal Vision