What caused the Ukraine Airlines plane crash in Iran? | DW News

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What caused the Ukraine Airlines plane crash in Iran? | DW News 4.5

What caused a Ukrainian passenger plane to crash in Iran, just minutes after takeoff? All 176 people on board were killed in the crash of flight 752.
The Ukraine international Airlines jet was on its way from the Iranian capital Tehran to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Iran says the crew put out no distress call, but they did try to turn back to the airport before the plane went down.
Ukraine has sent a team of investigators to Iran to join the search for answers and President Volodymyr Zelensky paid visited a makeshift memorial for the victims. The crash has caused shock and grief in both nations and in Canada, where many of the victims were from

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Lay up on the face paint that's the most unattractive annoying sound ever

Author — Brock


There were so many young people on the board. Huge losses for all the humanity.

Author — Tovkaniuk Oleh


Definitely shot down, same like the Malaysian flight that was shot down in Ukraine...

Author — Kapil Axom Gaming


The Ukrainian plane should never have taken to the skies with missiles being launched, and the threat of air attacks. They took off into dangerous skies. Basically a war zone. The Malaysian plane that was shot down over the Ukraine was also over a war zone. The first lesson was obviously not learned. Ground all commercial planes during conflicts. Should have been a no brainer. But obviously nobody has any brains out there. Wars continue as usual and people do foolish things. Nothing ever changes.

Author — capnvideo capnvideo


This is too suspicious to call "accident"

Author — crazy dino


Ukraine airlines flight 752 did not kill itself

Author — Hour Bee


Why would that flight be allowed to take off when missiles are being launched in the area? Did they choose to fly? Did Iran tell them they’d be safe?

Author — ynotttt


where is the justice? behind the innocence victim, .

Author — Medspecialized Reception


If someone actually shot this plane down on purpose, knowing it's a civillian plane, that person should be executed with no hesitation

Author — LEGEND MK


Just a guess, the TOR missile system from the holes in the skin.

Author — Michael Law


The story just got more thicker.
RIP to the victims.

Author — HansCent


Iran just admitted to shooting it down🤣

Author — passtime for civilwar


Iran will have new friends in the first month of this year.

Author — Elijah Escott


Remember Iran Air Flight 655.
1988 it was shot down by a US missile.
290 people died.

Author — __


I request US and Iran to Send one missile to this news Media office

Author — f f


*Rest in Peace*
UPDATE: Iran admits it unintentionally shot down the plane

Author — Senthil Veeran


Even after his death he still killing people shaking my head

Author — RegularGuy


Don't wait and give time for iran to restart developing nuclear weapons again.

Author — Tony sin


Hit from behind taking off you can see the missile hit the port wing the pilot tried to turn around but the fuel ignited.

Author — THE LIMIT


Gravity. That and the preceding Iranian anti-aircraft missile impact caused the jet to crash into the ground.

Author — Honesty Counts