How much can sculk spread from 1 sculk catalyst?

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100 Ravager vs 10 Warden - Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

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Author — guramee


This really sets the precedence of just how many have died in the biome to have spread as much as it has in the ancient cities

Author — AstuteGamma


I would LOVE it if there was some sort of Corruption that could spread like this naturally over time. Maybe as a generation option when building a world, make them rare but they can be a couple blocks beneath the surface. If it gets out of hand, building moats around your base and otherwise... it would be so so cool.

Author — SharkShocker


I just realized it now, it would've been cool to have a sculk tree. A tree that can only be found in the deep dark. And with that, there is another biome which is sculk forest

Author — [GD] ottothegamer


If they made the sculk spread slowly even if there's no mob dying near it it would give the sculk a terrifying vibe

Author — Ruan Geraldo jogos e comentários


I like how the skulk really snakes out in tendrils, not just randomly converting blocks, it looks cool.

Author — Aperture science guy


The way it spreads like a parasite is pretty creepy, not even mentioning the way the Warden is summoned out of the ground.

Author — Trap Underling


1:53 "About... that far."
Man, you could grief someone's base really bad with that.

I had a head canon that the Nether was an 'infection' and the Hell dimension wasn't always like that. Maybe used to be something totally different. Then when broken Nether Portals were added to the overworld, I felt confirmed that with Netherrack spreading on to the overworld terrain.

Now I'm wondering the same with the Deep Dark and it seems much worse, cause you can actively spread it and it goes pretty far and causes a lot of destruction.

Though I do like the fractal pattern it spreads. Obviously that was an intentional design, makes it look very organic.

Author — Mr. Papaveraceae


I would love an overground skulk biome. Just seeing vast swathes of land transformed into skulk with one temple built around a catalyst in the center would be cool. Almost as if some ancient religious order sacrificed people to get the biome to grow to that scale. Maybe take this opportunity to make the warden an interesting enemy that isn't completely broken.

Author — PotatoBullets


kinda curious, does this only affect blocks on the surface or does it also convert blocks completely covered?

Author — Nightlight_


This is weirdly satisfying and terrifying at the same time.

Author — Eric Tennison


I have an idea, you make this in spawn chunk so it’s always loaded then make a series where you have this constant spread of the skulk to worry about

Author — Not_An_Eggo


Considering there’s significant areas where skulk exists in the Deep Dark ancient cities, it makes me wonder the history of the ancient cities, how many people died there. Not just regular monster mobs like skeletons and zombies but villagers I mean.

Author — 🐱FancyCat🐾


I've never seen a sculk catalyst that looks harmless and bloodthirsty at the same time..

but hey it looks like there is a first time for anything!

Author — ᗯᗩᖇᗪᗴᑎ


I think it would be super cool if there was a part of the overworks that was overgrown with this. Just imagine running up to this and seeing this for miles. That would be awesome and terrifying

Author — A YouTube Channel


I REALLY like the skulk spread. Like, I really hope they dont cap it, or atleast make it an adjustable gamerule. I feel like it would take a lot of effort just to cause something like this in survival mode anyways.
If they make it so skulk converts tree's in to a new wood type, I'll be happy

Author — OverTheStone


i like how they encircle some stuff and fill it up like an invasion is going on

Author — legit random content


I love the way it spreads out, it seems so realistic like the way a fungus would

Author — Crimson Pilot


With sculk catalysts and /fill, you could make some amazing patterns

Author — Commander Appo CC-1119


Can we appreciate the specs this guy's computer has to be able to summon that many ravagers and that much sculk that fast?

Author — ツSmileツ