The Mystery Of Tutankhamun's Dagger | What On Earth?

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The Mystery Of Tutankhamun's Dagger | What On Earth? 4.5
Archeologists discovered two daggers buried with Tutankhamun, one with an iron blade, which would have been made in a time when iron manufacturing was technologically impossible.

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Ancient people are way smarter than what the scientific community wants us to believe.

Author — Jay Rodriguez


Our history is far more complicated than these stupid video's would suggest.

Author — Steven Harrison


We have forgotten what we have done in the past, we are a race without memory

Author — Jonathan Fortune


5:20 "No one on earth could make steel like this..."
*Errr, umm, but we're looking at one which suggests otherwise!*

Author — Unoraza2


I don't see what the mystery is. King Tut got a sweet gift from a civilization that knew how to work with Iron. Case closed.

Author — Dommy Dench


Ancient Egyptians didn’t know about iron ... but they had a word for it?
OK 😳

Author — Deadhorse1


"Only one possible conclusion"? really? all other possibilities are exhausted?

Author — Strandior Strandior


They act like humans back then were incapable of doing anything but grunt and jump up and down.

Author — Elephantstripes


They'd rather believe that the metal is alien than admit they're 300years out

Author — Jo Lube


When we live in a society that controls what we learn. We Will Lose Our Way! The TRUTH.

Author — BeyondAmaziin


The iron is so pure it wont rust.... it has high concentrations of nickel and cobalt...….. So what you're saying is it isn't pure iron at all, its an alloy. Who wrote this?

Author — Ryan O'Toole


Reverse engineering extraterrestrial craft is kinda risky.
Like a couple of neanderthals finding a jar of yellow cake.

Author — Kittelizer Laurelott


The dating of these sites is a joke. Egyptologysts are lying to themselves. Most pyramids are far older than originally believed.

Author — Curtis Sciabarrasi


I thought Iron was just Iron?
Scientists - "No its Pure Iron it doesn't rust because there's a high chance it came from a meteorite that fell from the sky and has pure Iron in it to make it not rust."
Why does this sound like a bad comic book?

Author — J Lloyd


It's called "meteorites". Djeezussss.

Author — The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)


In the year 2019 we discovered scientists are idiots....

Author — PATVEELEY1989 Veeley


FYI, guys, This is incomplete... 07:40 at the end "the search continues"...

Author — G2atech Mar8


Apparently there was someone on earth capable enough to craft an iron blade . This is an extremely weak argument proposed to us .

Author — Ryan Wagner


It would of been more impressive if he had a Glock 17 made of polymer and iron barrel.

Author — stevepistoresi


oh yes, the aliens!! its always the aliens....thank you television

Author — God's Janitor