Sumerian Tablets Anunnaki Film - Cities of the Nephilim, Translated from Ancient Akkadian

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Sumerian Tablets Anunnaki Film - Cities of the Nephilim, Translated from Ancient Akkadian 4.5
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What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations.

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The Anunnaki are a group of deities that appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. .... One text mentions as many as fifty Anunnaki associated with the city of Eridu. .... These had to be rebuilt and the Nephilim, needing more humans to help in this massive effort

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Nice to know we have been filled with Bullshit for decades. Finally some truth... thanks Viper TV

Author — Splinter In The Mind


If you like this you may be interested in "The hidden origins of humanity"
Best wishes

Author — Vincent Gill


If theres any extremely intelligent extra terrestrial beings reading this, come get me, this carbon based body you've stuck me in is wearing out and needs some repairs.

Author — domeright1


Wish they could of had more common names. Like Bill George Bob and Sue. Been easier to understand

Author — Sabrina 1979


The 'Pinecone' is a representation of navigation knowledge. Each segment of the cone a representation of the stars. So its the ability to navigate interstellar travel. Not everyone is capable of it. The 'Handbag' is a representation of 'Specialist Knowledge' which is normally associated with their name 'Lordship' as Enki was to Water.

Author — Steve Hartley


Such beautiful art, thank you . Would love to see it live ..

Author — Gina Jones


Alien origins sounds far fetched to me but I must agree that something very different from what the mainstream historians have taught us thus far happened in our ancient history. It might be aliens, it might be an ancient and unknown civilization from this very Earth. Who knows?

Author — Fábio Dinamarco


Very indeph descriptions, and instructions. Must be something to it all. I want to know more.

Author — A. P.


Where's the MPG ? ...or stars per gallon ...time per gallon, or what?

Author — Secret Lee


Any time scholars translate some thing...

Author — Andrew Albert


The most abundant trees on earth are pines or possibly red alder. In so far as their facility for building everything from homes, dams, tools, and fuel they take on special importance and the bags, aside from being a symbol of travel, are simply seed holders. Planting trees secures soil, preventing erosion and preserving moisture in riparian zones. The motif of plant life is rife among the steles and panels.

Author — Pockets MacCartney


Perhaps it was not petroleum that the Annunakki used to fuel their skyship. Perhaps the mountains where of interests due to its high mineral deposits and stones that contained the appropriate materials to produce Piezoelectricity and granite that has radioactive properties. You know, the same stone used to cut and build all of the ancient megaliths and stargates, and landing platforms? This was indeed a orchestrated event, but we still get many of the clues mistaken, when the obvious stares us in the face. Just as on Mars, the pyramids, face, and town, that has been described as the weigh station for the gold ore. When the ancient tribes of Africa say that every planet in our solar system has at one time sustained a liveable atmosphere and sheltered life. All in a humanoid type, some being 50 feet tall, to 4 feet tall and the watchers, or the 9 deities control all from the depths, unseen.

Author — Jason Warren


in one had he picked Hopps and puts it in the handbag for gathering and transportation. It is the ancient God of Beer (Ninkasi). Once enough beer is consumed you will take "flight".

Author — j Nemes 65


ENKI, was the 1st brick maker, and heir to Anu's throne.

Author — Frank Lucas


The defense system sounds like an anti-aircraft missile system, A system of nets and a bird so swift none could escape, sounds about right.

Author — Chuck Sweet


Stop it no god will come down to earth because of our contamination we are all unclean thanks to the seed left by the fallen angels.

Author — Magdalena Amaya


I want to know what the pine cone is for and the hand bag.

Author — SherryAdcox


im wondering what the beats per minute of the wings on these guys do in order for them to achieve levitation. or could they be gravimetric type shields that produce levitation. either way these gods are implicated as having some type of flight capibilitys and me applying scientific thought wonder about these possibilitys.

Author — marko pittman


They landed 450, 000 years ago, did their thing, (create life, promote it in all its forms) Big gov... let us know the truth, and be a bunch of happy people.

Author — David Mansfield


Lion's are obviously sacred creatures...

Author — Akrital Entertainment