How to Pose for Photos at home? 💃 16Easy Poses for Instagram for normal people in 2020! (non-models)

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How to Pose for Photos at home? 💃 16Easy Poses for Instagram for normal people in 2020! (non-models) 4.5

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How to pose for photos, if you’re not a professional model? How to make your Instagram photos look better even if you’re not an artist? You may spend hours looking for the answers to these questions, but - cheer up! - the Movavi Vlog team has thought it over for you and made an ultimate posing tutorial! So what are the best poses for Instagram?

In this video, you will see 16 poses for Instagram we took from Jenn Im’s Instagram tips, America’s Next Top Model, and other Instagram models’ tutorials. So stay tuned to learn more about how to pose in photos or even how to look skinny in your pictures.

#1 Bend your leg and sit sideways. It will basically help you look slimmer in photos.

#2 Place your hands on something beside you. This pose will make the composition a little bit more sophisticated and help you take a better Instagram photo.

#3 Sit on the floor and cross your legs. Posing is simple, but it works great for your photo shoot.

#4 Use accessories and photography props if you need to add a bit more personality to your picture.

#5 Lean backwards and bend your leg. This pose works well in Instagram beach photos.

#6 Sit sideways on a chair and place your hands on the chair back. It’s one of the good Instagram poses for a bar or restaurant locations.

#7 Looking for portrait photography ideas in urban landscapes? Lean against a wall with one leg bent!

#8 Experiment with natural light and shadows ‘cuz proper photography lighting helps you flatter your best features and make the picture more artistic.

#9 Turn your back to the camera and look over your shoulder to hide your double chin.

#10 Lean against a wall. It’s quite a cute Instagram pose.

#11 How to look taller in photos? Put your hands up and relax them!

#12 Spread your arms out, take a step forward to look skinny in your photos.

#13 Play with sunlight and shadows

#14 Put your hands in your pockets. The more bends in your body, the more you'll look like an Instagram model.

#15 Experiment with different hand positions to make your Instagram selfies even better

#16 Unleash your emotions, act for the camera ‘cuz that’s the main point of portrait photography

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These poses are so good and I am 100% using this for my instagram @destineyyy_j

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