A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Introduction

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A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Introduction 4.5

This is Part 1 of 6 of a series of videos all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We open with a discussion on video essays as a genre and end on the ideas of objectivity and subjectivity.

And in between? well, plenty of Star Wars.

The Thumbnail art is courtesy of Oliver Pocock

Big thanks to Caddicarus and Fringy for their cameos. Check out their channels if you are interested -

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EDIT: Timestamps included Below

Hello there!

I decided to make this series of videos nice and short, that's why we have a 2 hour and 42 minute intro for a movie analysis :^).

Either way, the remaining parts will be released at a later date as they are not currently complete. This part works on its own as I tackle quite a few fundamental topics at the same time as covering the main world building elements of TFA and part of the opening scene.

I hope you folks enjoy, this series has taken ages to put together and I cannot wait to get the whole thing out. o/

I have an audio commentary coming on New Year's Eve as well, looking forward to seeing what you guys think of both. Thank you so much for supporting this channel, Merry Christmas and have an awesome new year!

Timeline edit courtesy of Sapheiron:

Table of Contents:

0:00 - Montage of initial reactions to TFA

4:00 - Disclaimer 1

5:18 - The Objectivity vs Subjectivity Debate

6:23 - Clarifying MauLer's Position

7:48 - On Consistency in Fiction and Argumentation

20:30 - On the Practice of Purely Subjective Critique

49:02 - The Force Awakens Critique Proper

50:26 - Disclaimer 2

1:02:28 - Cameo 1: Caddicarus

1:05:35 - The Title Crawl: Bridging the Gap between Episodes

(1:31:29 - One-Punch Man: An Unbridled Praise)

1:37:07 - The Title Crawl: Story Set-Up

1:41:36 - Worldbuilding Difficulties in Continuing a Story

1:53:55 - Cameo 2: Fringy

1:56:22 - The Opening Scene: Opening Shot and Flickering Lights

1:57:43 - A Tangent on Nitpicking

2:04:02 - The Opening Scene: No Stone left Unturned

2:21:35 - Intellectual Consistency and Emotional Resonance

2:40:19 - To be continued...

Author — MauLer


This guy is on a level of video essay completely removed from anyone else on the internet. I absolutely love these videos, and I love how incredibly lengthy and detailed they are. Never change, man. Never change.

Author — AnAmericanComposer


The Last Three Star Wars Films:
The Force Awakens,
The Force Get Tired,
The Force Goes Back To Sleep.

Author — wetwingnut


1:15:18 Mauler says "clone" over a shot of Snoke


Author — Anthony Echo


"Yes, you did just watch me talk about the opening seconds of a movie for 30 minutes"

That's...why I'm here.

Author — Ifitmovesnukeit


59:50 "This series .... releasing weekly."
You mispronounced "yearly".

Author — thecaneater


Allow me to express my gratitude for having one of the few people I actually respect on this site tackle the topic of critiquing art intended for children and that its' implied right for lazyness should not be tolerated. I've been meticulously trying to destroy this stereotype for 2 years on my channel, and it always feels like not enough people are fighting for it as well.

Author — Культас


''...the clone of a movie.''
*shows Snoke*
oh boy, thhat aged beautifully with the addition of tros

Author — Gillian Carman


"Hey, Dan, what did you think?"

"... I think it was a movie... "

Author — HundredDaysMusic


Disney made the EU non-canon. How ironic that just about everything they created in the past 5 years is considered non-canon by even people that liked The Last Jedi.

Author — Bovine Designs


“It’s the best movie of the seven”


Author — A Normal Star Wars Fan


The sheer enormity of this lad.

(Thanks for the cameo, btw 1:21:51)

Author — E;R


"Six videos released once per week" oh god that aged terribly

Author — Pulse01


"You are watching movies wrong." That is the most stupid thing a movie critic can say. Mindbogglingly stupid.

Author — Viewable11


"[TFA] is the best of the 7 by far. Its in a different league entirely."
Did that guy even like SW before TFA??

Author — PanicPuppet92


"Thats right ladies and gentlemen. We have good star wars again"

Jesus that statement aged about as well as milk left out on the porch for the duration of summer, didn't it?

Author — Ajohnymous


Can I be your russian bot for the day, sir? Got my own dislike button and malicious intents and everything.

Author — Культас


Maybe instead of saying “in my opinion” we should all just say “what I’m saying is true, from a certain point of view”.. 😜

Author — Greedo Kenobi


Watching that analysis again it hit me: This story reads like a pre-written adventure for a pen-and-paper role playing game. When you look down the protagonists, what they do and how they do it, and more importantly who does what, it more and more feels like this is what a role playing party would do.

With Rey being played by the GMs girlfriend.

Author — 0x777


"how does someone so powerful and organized not have lights that work correctly?" Oh buddy, let me tell you about the US military

Author — Nicholas Saline