Turkey's Erdogan vows to keep fighting in Syria as diplomatic efforts intensify

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Turkey's Erdogan vows to keep fighting in Syria as diplomatic efforts intensify 4.5
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to keep fighting in Syria until all his country's goals have been met.
Erdogan is shrugging off international pressure for an immediate ceasefire and the battle on the ground goes on.
Diplomatic efforts to end the fighting are also intensifying. US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Turkey to push for a ceasefire.
The US delegation is due to meet the Turkish president. They come armed with President Trump's threat of more sanctions if they are ignored.
But that is unlikely to sway Erdogan.
Meanwhile, the United Nations special envoy for Syria is in Damascus is calling for an immediate end to the Turkish operation citing humanitarian concerns.

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The hyprocisy of these people. Turkey took in 5 million Syrian refugees. Syrians found refuge in Turkey not in arab countries like egypt. Which is a basketcase.

Author — S Hussein


I wish that Kurds struggle and Turkeys defence comes to a point where both of them are at peace. I hope a solution comes out to Syria and Turkey's TABLE. Peace for Syria and Peace for Turkey. EVERYONE NEEDS PEACE.

Author — Zakaria Mohamed


History has shown, you can never trust the US.

Author — Sumatee Sooklal


I hope Erdogan does not speak to vice president and Mike Pompeo and send them back

Author — Mustafa Karagoz


Power to Turkey and Power to Eurdogan. Love and full support from Pakistan.

Author — Malik FARHAT abbas


Very complicated issue here that has been going on for something like 8 years. Someday, the US might learn to stop supporting the bad guys when it is convenient. It never ends well.

Author — Simpsons36


love and support turkey frm Philippines...

Author — Lyn zhiz


No one help refugu for turkey 4 nillion syrien living in turkey ypg take they land and ypg attacking civillian border of turkey so turkey right to fight with ypg

Author — Haci Yilmaz


Everytime we are having conversations and bring in UN I just shut you off, because am not here for jokes.

Author — binyu ronald


This is all in Ezekiel 38 and 39 read your Bible end of time....

Author — Ken Windrum


Peace zone is for the bettlement of turkey and Syrian.

Author — Arjon Eping


R.T.E. king lion love &support from ethiopia

Author — Abdu Ali


Youtube In Turkey's way: Russia deploys patrols to northern Syria

Look at 16:00 onwards you will see the truth about Turkish invasion.

Author — Scotty G


0:06 this lady is so beautiful what a lovley lady i mean she would win every beauty contest on this planet

Author — ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ


We are at the beginning of an extinction level event. Matthew 24: 21, 22.

Author — Kay Bass


Looks like Turkey is forming the Ottoman Empire

Author — Zx Az


Slm to the world. NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DIYENE. everyone love his country, we dont love us country we wil die for us counrty(TÜRKIYE) so is flag be more red. Capishhhh ulan

Author — beykozlu1453


7:15 re: UN: ... 1. ... thought the UN was going bankrupt ... -&- 2. "good job" (UN)! ... all so many conflicts-wars -&- suffering-strife in _EVERY_ country/region ... good to see you've put your time & money to "good use" n'stuff

Author — jbette


Erdogan may allah grand you jannah because you speak truth may allah protect you and turkey amin
Gott sei dank

Author — Slave of Allah _Mohamad


NO Pompeo, when YOU exited Syria YOU caused the VACUUM, now you may have to go back . Any negotiations should have been done BEFORE you left !!!

Author — Denzel Washinton