KYIV (KIEV), UKRAINE, Is This Europe's Most Underrated City? 🇺🇦

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KYIV (KIEV), UKRAINE, Is This Europe's Most Underrated City? 🇺🇦 5

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I spend the day exploring Kyiv (Kiev), the capital city of Ukraine. With numerous golden domed monasteries and cathedrals, elegant neoclassical Soviet buildings, and stunning green hilly views across the city, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Love to Ukrainian Brothers from Croatia ✋🏻🇭🇷🇺🇦

Author — Hrvat Hero


respect Ukraine from Georgian people <3 !!

Author — Mari Abramishvili


Love Ukraine, from Viet Nam, i hate Russia for Crimea, ... We are Brothers, Ukraine 🇻🇳, 🇺🇬

Author — Nguyen SH


I m from Ukraine and I m crying because it’s so cool when people from another countries say good about my country, thanks ♡

Author — mari journal


Смотрю это видео, потому что интересно посмотреть, что скажут иностранцы про наш город

Author — V Frolova


Ukrainian Black Sea is beatufil i want to meet this place with my family !
-Respect from Poland

Author — WierQ - Brawl Stars


Ukraine is one of my favorite countries, been there 7 times and cannot get enough. Thank you for showing this beautiful country 🙂

Author — Kelsey Crosen


I live in Kyiv and watching this video ))😁👍🏻

Author — Юлия Бабий


Hello from Armenia 🇦🇲 to beautiful and gorgeous Ukraine 🇺🇦

Author — Hayk 353


you didn't show Podil, the most beautiful area in the old town! but overall great video, thanks for promoting my country! :)

Author — Oleksandra Cheipesh


Also Lviv it's unbelievable beauty city

Author — Alex Ivch


I’ve been to Ukraine 12 times and absolutely love it. I met my wife in Dnipropetrovsk and that city is like being transported back to the 80s. Also Ukraine has a unique vibe to it. You can’t mention Ukraine without bringing up how hot the women are there compared to my country Canada. I love that family and friends celebrate birthdays like you actually mean something to them. The people of Ukraine aren’t fake. A good example is people don’t have small chit chat and pretend to like you or are really interested in what you got going on if they don’t know you. It just feels more legit and real. The architecture is just so charming. You really do feel like your somewhere special. The food is mindblowing and incredibly affordable. I don’t know anyone else who has visited Ukraine but wow..are they missing out..people talk about all the same vacations like Cuba, Mexico, Disney, etc..give me Ukraine any day.

Author — Jonny Blond


Kyiv is incredible. Great city, wonderful people, great food. Prices are very low compared to even other eastern European countries such as Poland of Slovakia. Best destination for budget traveling.

Author — trifio5242


The main thing to do in the Ukraine is EAT! The food is gorgeous.

Author — Hansen Peter


It's just Ukraine, not The Ukraine. I love Kyiv! I visited about two months ago. So cheap and definitely very underrated!

Author — Sam Bissett


Great video. Remember, it is just "Ukraine", and not, "The Ukraine".

Author — Jeff Rosenberg


Ukraine, without "the" if you don't want to offense local people

Author — Dmitri T


5:14 - Khreschatyk was blown up by the Soviet army during the retreat. And after the war it was rebuilt in the style of the Stalin Empire. Prior to this, Khreschatyk looked classically European.
6:38 - St. Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv - built in the 11th century by king Volodimir the Baptist and his son Yaroslav the Wise., after the adoption of Christianity by the Kyiv state. It was built following the example of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. But in the 17th century, outwardly, it was redone in the Ukrainian Baroque style by the Ukrainian hetman Mazepa (the hetman is the leader of the Ukrainian Cossack republic)
6:49 - Here you can see a monument to another Ukrainian hetman - Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Under whose leadership, Ukraine was liberated from Poland and signed an alliance with Moscow, after which Moscow grabbed Ukraine for itself.

Author — Евгений Донченко


Looks amazing!
Still no direct flights from Scotland to Kyiv or Lviv :'(

Author — I Stand Alone


Even when Polish- Ukrainian history is so difficult, i really like Ukrainian folk, their music. We are slavic brothers :)

Author — Kasia Balcerowska