The Complete Guide to Nintendo Switch Emulation - Yuzu Emulator

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How to Play Nintendo Switch Games on PC. A Complete Install Guide

Download Yuzu

How to use Native Mouse and Keyboard Support in yuzu

Mod Files

Custom Config Files

Controller Programs

For DS4 Users

For Switch Pro Controllers/Joycons users

Guide Chapters

Welcome back 0:00
Emulator Installation & Setup 0:40
Installing Keys & Firmware files 2:54
Installing provided mod/config files 3:20
Nvidia Performance Settings 5:56
Adding Games 7:36
Installing Game Updates & DLC 9:02
Modding your Games 10:29
Important CPU Settings 11:59
Controllers & Motion Mapping 12:52
Mouse & Keyboard Setup 14:39
Graphics Settings 17:38
Custom Game Settings 19:21
Tips & Tricks 20:38

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💬 Comments

"The Complete Guide to"
best title ever

Author — Paolo Nuñez


Recently, Yuzu for me has been crashing and freezing pretty often. Hopefully they can figure stuff out soon. Otherwise this emulator is amazing and I really appreciate the hard work put into making it as feature rich and compatible as possible

Author — Mark Sterling


How far has this emulator come?! I can still remember one of the first builds you showed and how it looked!

Author — Pflanzenritter29


Not just any guide, The Guide. Thanks a lot BSoD, this is by far the best guide for yuzu - in fact the only guide anyone will ever need. Subbed!

Author — Nick Pavlopoulos


Love your videos, man. By the way, after following your guide and testing Super Mario Odyssey, the game runs great for like 40-50 minutes but after this time the performance starts dropping from 60 to 45 and then 30 fps. Not only the fps is the issue but with it comes a rather unsettling slowmotion. My specs are I7 9750H / GTX 1660ti / 16GB Ram. I've tried many things already but none seems to fix it. Has this happened to anyone or is it maybe my system that is too slow?

Author — Wes E.


Thanks man, your guide was thorough and in great detail, really appreciate it.

Author — 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧


Thank you BSoD Gaming for such a wonderful tutorial. I was hoping you could advise me on how to set up 4k resolution, I've been navigating Yuzu's menu but I can get to find how to change the resolution to 4k.

Author — Julio Moreno


The best guides out there so clean and easy to follow thank you for the great videos.
Take care

Author — Hugh Wenn


I set up everything last night thanks to this video. Played both Luigis Mansion and Animal Crossing. Both were very, very playable from what I experienced. Some minor graphical bugs here n there but nothing close to game breaking. 60fps in LM is wonderful.

Works fantastic with xbox 1 controller but I think I'll connect my DS4 unit as soon as I've bought a BT adapter. I just want to say thank you for doing this comprehensive yet SUPER easy to follow guide.

You are a true legend of the game.

Author — Burk


Thank you so much for this tutorial. Very descriptive and easy to follow. Appreciated.

Liked and subbed. Keep up the good work.

Author — Parasite-B


Thank you so much for everything! My games are running better not only for Yuzu, but for rpcs3/rpcs2/ppspp/Cemu! This helped me out EXTREMELY

Author — Kion Sutton


With an i7 8700 the unsafe, NVDEC and mods for Odyssey actually made my game run much worst oddly enough. I went from a pretty stable 50-60 fps to a horribly unstable 30 fps, controls were not responding and everything was very choppy, I didn't think those few things would mess up my gameplay so badly xD lol.

Author — BrooklynVlogs


Passing by to say thank you for your efforts, i eventually watch many of your videos for a while, but i never had the chance to thank you.

OBS: as you were adding Yuzu to list NVidia, i saw you were playing Cyberpunk to the list, i hope you havin fun X)
OBS²: Since i saw a lot of emulation videos, i saw the ryujinx video of "SrLinguiça" and saw you on a match of splatoon, that was wholesome, too x)

Author — Fernando Nazareno


Well made guide. So much better than half of these "How to" videos that go way too quickly or leave out half of the process.

Author — Skarwind


Thanks man, this definitely helped me understand what I was doing wrong with mods and updates.

Author — mephisto279



Thank you so very much for this in-depth and awesome guide!

You saved me so much time in getting all this to work.

Just one question that I hope you can please help me with.

I am using an 8BitDo SF30 Pro Controller and although I can see this listed in the Input Device drop down box. I can't seem to setup the Motion configuration as when I hit the Test button I get a message after a while saying "Could not relieve valid data from the server. Please verify that the server is set up correctly and the address is correct".

Obviously I am doing something wrong but was wondering if you can please help me and tell me how I can fix this issue?

Thank you again.

Author — CybaGirl


Great guide! Vulkan runs so much better on my RTX 2060 tho (in regards to animal crossing), went from 19fps average when having the camera position straight down and 14 fps avg when viewing the landscape to 26-27fps all around, tho i will have to try more games and settings to see what yields the best performance

Author — Sean


Excellent guide, changing the graphics settings as you recommended completely solved my lag issue

Author — Blue Mountain


Thank you so much man! Everything was crystal clear and so easy to setup.

Author — CueKumber


Once again, another amazing video! I love your videos soooo much! Keep up the amazing work :)

Author — DarkishLocket10