Blood Type O Negative Personality Traits

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People with blood type O negative are living lie detectors. They can see through others but are hard to see through. Usually, they are drawn to other O negatives, but at times can be in good relationships with AB negatives, especially if they are cisAB/O (opposites attract).
O negatives are often underestimated due to silence. They pick their battles well and know when it's time to talk or listen. Those who cannot see through them, are often surprised by them and "don't see them coming".
O negatives get each other. They know when they are right or wrong for each other. When put in the right position, O negatives thrive and surprise again. When things are wrong, they may run their heads against the wall... again and again.
O negatives are usually being themselves. More so than most. If they need to put on an act to get something accomplished, they are very good at it.
Leadership comes naturally to O negatives.
Following others is an impossibility unless the person they follow is also O negative or skilled at what they do.
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I’m O neg blood type and very less prone to sickness but when something makes me angry my throat burns like a volcano and i feel like eating ice creams to settle it down😅

Author — Raj Charles


Exactly. It is hard to relate to the masses. I always feel more comfortable with individuals or small groups.

Author — Nancy Stengel


Im o negative. I don't get very sick often. Sometimes I throw up and my throat will feel like it's burning. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I figured out my blood type in health class.

Author — Shannon Harvey


Great video! I really enjoy listening to your insight. Thanks for posting!

Author — MultiDimensional Exploration


Nice as always. Been following you since 2010 after rogam shot almost killed me and went searching and wound up in rabbit hole

Author — Lee Ann G.


I'm O negative on a spiritual journey.

Author — Miss J


O- blood is Fallen Angels serpent blood the Mother's bloodline..

Author — Joshua Bacon


I am a fire dragon and O negative blood. Sometimes I hate myself for the food lot of then I have to avoid

Author — Yayah Sopiyah