*EXTREME* 500 Sq ft Studio Apartment Makeover | How To Decorate With Beige Walls

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Hey guys! I'm Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. New videos every Saturday! Today I'm making over a tiny studio apartment and showing you how to decorate with beige walls.

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💬 Comments

Amazing job! Looks fantastic! I love the headboard.

Author — Johnny FD


I absolutely LOVE that headboard.. and I think you did a fantastic job!!! ----> HOWEVER: as someone who spends 12+ hours a day at a computer, it's awful watching you remove ERGONOMIC chairs (that are good for the health if you have to sit a lot) with chairs that are good for people who only sit at their computer for 20 mins at a time. It's unrealistic and ergonomics should never be messed with.

Author — valarya


Hello! Longtime fan and fellow creative professional with a friendly recommendation. I work as a senior creative lead (graphic design) and something I’ve noticed is that the art prints you choose for people’s homes almost always fall into the same aesthetic style (your personal style, aka “the treehouse”). Soft neutrals, minimalist line art, abstract shapes etc. On one hand these prints are fairly safe and go with a lot of different decor pieces but on the other hand they don’t feel very tailored to the individual you’re designing for, and art is SO incredibly personal. Is there any way the client could be more involved in the art selection process? I think it would go a long way in making each space feel more individualized, even if you just gave them several design-safe options to choose from. ☺️

Author — Megan L


This is one of my FAV studio fixes!! Super cozy and very finished. The large size art pieces and rug are a good scale for the space. The curtains are really elegant. Love that you gave her so much extra storage. As a plant lover, I'm glad that you got a faux fiddle leaf fig considering it would not have gotten enough light where it was placed.

Author — NAzikiwe


This may be my favorite makeover you did. Everything works so well together, the colors and textures. That gallery wall, wow. The prints and the layout is perfection. Great job team!

Author — Corinne


Love, love what you did to this space. I’m enjoying your makeovers and how we see the process from start to finish. So many channels are hardly doing these kind of makeovers anymore. Please keep it up!

Author — B Marie


Always impressed with what you can do with such a small space, but equally as impressed with James’ edits and you and Carla’s dance moves 😂

Author — Jazmine Aldrich


The decorating choices are so beautiful using the wall color as a starting point. The colors and textures and lighting give off a warm, calm, and very cozy feeling. Your videos are so inspiring and helpful. Enjoying my coffee and your video on Saturday morning in San Diego.

Author — Barbara Willis


You so NAILED the beige, tan, camel issue. I am a painter and that hue can totally go wrong!!! Beautiful design, too.

Author — MyRosie2007


Pretty sure this is my favorite makeover of yours yet! To go from a totally blank slate & make her apt so homey & just beautiful!! And the renters beige - love that it was embraced & really shown as it’s best version of itself. 😂😍

Author — Amnysti


From drab to fab! Now this is a space to enjoy coming home to and inviting friends over any time. The gallery wall is a winner! This makeover has so many good ideas for small spaces.

Author — Ribbles Lipscomb


Loved this makeover! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m dealing with renter beige right now and just got a warm rust couch—what a game changer. Starting to realize paired with the right colors it can feel so cozy. Thanks for the inspo!

Author — Ana Vargas


That carpet did half the work! Such a great choice to get a huge carpet. It really grounded the space and made it a whole new room!

Author — Sangeetha Thanapal


This was really beautifully done. Brava, team! I’m getting the feeling that moving in with stuff that doesn’t work for your smaller space is just as awkward as moving in with no stuff at all.

You have that unique design ability to know what can work, which is where so many of us get stuck. .

Author — Ann T


I like that you have fun together as a team and I think you’re getting better and better every day 🥰🥰🥰

Author — Gulser Ocak


This was really nice to see just making the best of what is already there. As much as I love seeing spaces being repainted to bring new life, I don't think I would do it for time and money sake. I would love to see more makeovers like this

Author — AllHallows1000


Love all the warm tones together! And that headboard is stunning.

Side note: Anyone else always scroll to the bottom of the comments on Alexandra's videos ready to fight any mean commenters? She gets so many unnecessarily mean/rude comments compared to others I watch. Alexandra is a gem.

Author — Dana Marguerite


This is probably one of your best makeover! U made the rental beige so classy and modern! Well done!!

Author — Winter Moonlight


love how warm the beige walls make the room feel while the styling really makes it feels fresh and modern. i've been getting tired of only seeing white walls only being used when there's so many other great paint choices . great job team AG!

Author — Jaslyn Brown


it's so good to see you not just work around the beige but work with it. It's so challenging especially when it's not at all a wall colour you'd gravitate towards if you had the choice.
It isn't a colour that I personally love, but I love what you did with it, I really do. I honestly think it wouldn't look as good with cold white walls. I think the only way to truly be happy with renter beige like that is if you embrace it when choosing the rest of what has to go with it. If you just ignore it and pretend it isn't they're, it will always look out of place instead of something that actually looks good and cohesive. And you absolutely nailed that.

Author — mael