Hunting the biggest Muskox in the world - Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories

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Hunting the biggest muskox in the world on Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories


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Seems like a great, ethical hunt, in a pristine and beautiful land. As a canadian I hope to go on such a trip one day.

Author — Aarya Patel


Is there a website for this lodge? Very interested!

Author — Gerald Bennett


I will never trust anyone to butcher my kill.

Author — Markus Rennelius


Would love to go after one of these guys some day. And something I’ve just noticed, there are so many hunting games theses days and not a one (that I know of) has musk ox in it. They’re such a massive and beautiful animal.

Author — Rex Gaming_501st


my absolute dream hunt! unfortunately i could never afford it, way awesome

Author — Kyubi Wib


I’ll never hunt a wild animal. I just don’t have the stomach for it. But As long if it’s done in a way that’s sustainable, I’m okay with hunting in general. I just hope people aren’t allowed to just come up and kill musk ox whenever they want

Author — Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark


Wowwww I am Speechless , you are so Blessed to Do what you Do

Author — Alex Cika


1:02 made me cry. Such a magnificent animal. Hope you took it home and ate it.

Author — Malcolm Abram


Love the vid man! Looks like I’m a little late but was looking around at big game in Canada, and this one struck my attention. Would love to go out and hunt these one day. Well done hunt and keep up the good work!

Author — Preston Kroeber


Dude, I sure hope that wasn't the biggest muskox cause once it's dead it's no longer cool. I don't care about hunting but a title like this if it's true is just depressing more than anything

Author — Sasha Grace


i love our country, and our people, nice job!

Author — Opie stanborough


The human beings are the most mystic activity in the planet

Author — Lama Pasang


That is awesome Brandon. Good shot. Those are some beasts.

Author — True North Angler


thats maybe a 4 or 5 year old bull ive shot bigger bull than that

Author — blake hickling


Nice job Brandon, sorry to see the dislike button has been found by hunting haters who don't understand!

Author — SnipesXRage


As long as hunting is not only for fun, what's the problem? If it is regulated and the meat and other parts are used, what's the problem? And what about the people which live in these regions? Is it better to fly meat from factory farming to them?
No, hunting is more natural than any factory farming. A prey had a free and peaceful life, unlike a chicken in a one square foot box!
I am from Germany, and I am no hunter. But here we have a lot idiots which are against hunting. But since the absence of natural predators, it is neccessary to keep the deer population in control. Otherwise the forests would suffer too much. And apart from that, this kind of meat is worth every penny. Fresh, from a free animal.

So keep the good work, as long as it is honest. Nice video in this awesome, beautiful wilderness!

Author — 9th Blood and Fire


Looks pretty amazing up there. Is that musk ox any good? Sounds like you guys are careful not to shoot them all, that’s good. We have a tragic story down here about the American Bison that was hunted nearly to extinction by foolish greedy men who did not stop to consider that they were endangering the animal. God made animals to be killed and captured but he did not make them to be wasted or despised.

Author — gnarmarmilla


Do you know this species is about to go extinct

Author — Austrian kingdom


hmm, Yes,
FunFact: The Musk Ox has Existed Since The Ice Age, So.. Yeah. YOU JUST SHOT AN ENDANGERED CREATURE! you Monster..

Author — Comedic Valentine


Wow. How wonderful, shooting from a safe distance for you and not making the minimum physical effort and you call that a sport? That's just murdering. Really disgusting

Author — Dana Almada