The Easybeats - Good Times (1968)

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The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia, in late 1964, and disbanded at the end of 1969. They were the first rock and roll act from Australia to score an international pop hit with the 1966 single "Friday on My Mind".

All five founding members were from families that had migrated to Australia from Europe: lead singer Stevie Wright and drummer Gordon "Snowy" Fleet were from England; rhythm guitarist George Young was from Scotland; lead guitarist Harry Vanda and bassist Dick Diamonde were from the Netherlands.

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One of the most underappreciated front men of the time, singing a song by a couple of the most underappreciated songwriters of the time, with backing vocals by the one of the most underappreciated vocalists of the time.

Author — @floydster23


In Australia, 1966, there was only ONE band that we listened to.. The Easybeats. They were our Beatles. Search YouTube for these songs - Sorry, Come and See Her, Wedding Ring, and of course Friday On My Mind. They were British and Dutch immigrants to Australia, and they ignited the Australian music scene. The Young family were the root of AC/DC, and Young/Vanda composed many great songs.

Author — @anEyePhil


This is one solid song. The vocals both lead and backup are stellar. This song sounds as good now as it did 56 years ago.

Author — @Augmuse


Singer Stevie Wright died in 2015
Rhythm guitarist George Young (older brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC) died in 2017
One of the most authentic rock bands ever.

Author — @Bradwick1


Thank you Beat-Club for putting our boys back out there again - helping to keep their music alive. Love you dearly, for doing this.
Also thanks for preserving this great quality film

Author — @allymayful


Just came across this band and I adore them, his voice is fantastic!

Author — @nitsamichael1436


One of their best numbers amongst many. The Easybeats are fantastic. New York's Headless Horsemen did a great version of this, which was something to behold live. Thanks for posting this spirited performance. Stevie Wright was one of the great front men of the era.

Author — @martinsplichal1581


I’ve always loved this song but never knew it was the Easybeats! Still sounds great 50 odd years on!

Author — @joanthomas6337


Wow. Someone mentioned "Flash and the Pan" the other day and I've just done a deep dive of Vanda/Young. As a Yank I've never heard this version, and may not have even heard the INXS/Barnes version until I moved to NZ. What a great tune and what fabulous musicians.

Author — @mattagnew206


In the late 60s, the Easy Beats was the only band that could get me away from the Beatles and the Stones. Great, raw RR group that didn't last as long as it should have. RIP Stevie and George and Malcolm

Author — @montymontgomery9277


Love this band love this song. R.I.P Stevie and George.

Author — @yowodup6094


Stevie Wright and Bon Scott have similar vibes. In fact, easy to imagine that ACDC were inspired by these guys.

Author — @cronus71


The Easybeats is a very deceiving name...
Their music is raw, loud and wild, love it!!!

Author — @dj-um7el


The unmistakable voice of Steve Marriott singing backing vocals....

Author — @dellafenton2417


Two great singers Stevie Wright &.Steve Marriott singing together in this great song!

Author — @frankyrubful


This folks is Rock n' Roll at it's very finest.

Author — @jackflash5659


What a great energetic performance! I have been aware of song for many many years thanks to cover of Mott and now I finally sensed why they covered this song! Thanks for sharing this!

Author — @ht9399


It's a shame that this band didn't get more recognition in the US. Their music was as good if not better than most "British Invasion" bands. Stevie Wright could hold his own against any frontman of that era.

Author — @stevebondio1986


This shorten version is worse that the original one. This is a pure gem. The Easybeats forever!

Author — @saboteur1001


The singer definitely has that Australian look as if he could be one of the Gibb brothers….these dudes put out some pretty good music starting in the late 60’s…….👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Author — @TWTexasA1