Nerf Mega | Series Overview & Top Picks

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Overview and opinion on the Nerf Mega series so far.
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Mega ammo has a fun factor into it (the bullet makes noise when flying and thats nice), but the only real advantage of mega bullets is that they are easier to find on the grass after you shot them. Saves time looking for it.

Author — @Chmp1000


Centurion and Magnus work really well for integrations. If you take the magazine from the centurion, you can make the Magnus a 6 round fixed magazine capacity. The barrel extension, mag well, and butt stock sections of plastic on the Centurion are great for integration into other blasters. They aren't particularly great blasters by themselves, but they are great for blaster mods.

Author — @JosephArata


One benefit I enjoy with the mega line is that the darts are easier to find after the battle. They're big and red and hard to miss even in grass.

Author — @onrean


I never had a jam with my centurion. The Bipod would bend and break off (not damaged) the blaster.

After a while using the Centurion, you learn how to always hit your target as I’ve used it many times in Nerf wars (I know it’s impractical, no hate please) and ut is really fun to shoot, or more importantly..


Author — @hawk2957


I love the whistle they make when shot. Definitely have a soft spot for the mega series even though the regular elite dart guns are better in general

Author — @mczenk5095


Deagle= desert eagle
Desert eagle=huge pistol
Huge pistol= AWESOME

Author — @Comet-lv3nk


I'd say the cycloneshock is the best option if you want to play mega, sure, its just a heavier strongarm, but its fun as hell, also, ive noticed the quality of it is much better than the strongarm, strongarms normally dont shoot as well after 1-2 years, but ive used my cycloneshock for around 3 years now, and it works like a charm

Author — @pieman2435


My backup options are always going to be conceal sized blasters and the fact there is a conceal sized single shot Mega Blaster means that I'd carry one even when carrying micro ammo and a Triad (because who uses a Jolt when the Triad holds three and works incredibly well without misfires?).

Author — @DoomRater


I think the Mega line in general is just more satisfying to target shoot with indoors than any elite dart blaster. The Mega darts hit much harder, literally knocking down your target, while elite darts just plink off them harmlessly. Unlike Coop, I think the Rotofury and Cycloneshock are easily the highlights of the entire Mega line. The Rotofury handles and feels like a pistol grip tactical shotgun, and the Cycloneshock is akin to a large bore revolver, like a S&W Model 29 .44 Mag. Big bore just has a cool factor to it. I'd have no problem using either in a war just to be different. The Cycloneshock also benefits greatly from a Orange Modworks spring upgrade! Definitely give those two blasters a try if nothing else in the Mega line.

Author — @tacklengrapple6891


If the elite series are all jolt reskins, then are all of the mega blasters big shock reskin?

Author — @RNKel1


Personally, I actually like the Centurion. I have little experience with nerf guns, only owning a set of six Reaper IX-1s with only one of it's darts remaining, but I was round at a friend's house and got to have a play around with his Centurion. It's loud and intimidating. Also doubles as a good design for a giant AI spaceship.

Author — @madalheidis


The Centurion may not be the most practical nerf blaster, but the cosplayer in me looks at the one I have and thinks of all kinds of things I could vismod it into...

I don't do HvZ or NerfWars myself, but if I did, I wouldn't bother with either the Hotshock or the BigShock (except in a LARPG scenario where I needed a holdout blaster); I'd pack the Cycloneshock as my main pistol with a Magnus as a holdout. As for the bows, I don't see why anyone would bother with them. Then again, I miss the old classic Crossbow that shot either foam arrows or standard darts. Sure, it didn't have the tactical rails that the later crossbows had, but having that built-in ammo storage and the ability to shoot two different kinds of ammo was fun...

EDIT: The only reason I can see to own a Thunderbow is to modify it for cosplay. As for the Lightning bow, maybe in a fantasy or post-apocalypse LARPG but as far as anything else, forget it.

Author — @kitirena_koneko


Wouldn't darts be more accurate if they had fletchings

Author — @tonymcmayer5944


I have to say that, although some of the MEGA blasters have a much lower FPS than the Elite series, they do seem to hit a bit harder, just not faster.

Author — @thedebug3866


One thing I do like about mega is the wind doesn't carry them to the side as much since they're heavier

Author — @zanderm7820


For the thunderbow, if you hold it by the bow arms and push in, you can rapid fire. Defeats the purpose, but still cool

Author — @the8destroyer635


Hey Cooper,
My son and I have begun our quest for building up our Nerf blaster collection. I bought a Mega Big Shock and have since modified it by removing the limiter inside it. Now it shoots much further for accuracy. Plus I found that the spot for the single dart compartment is better used as a front sight. We both watch your videos and reviews to help us select the next Nerf purchase.
The one thing we have found true here in South Carolina; is that not every Wal Mart carries the same Nerf Blasters. Target has a decent selection, and K-Mart has some. We both thank you for all your knowledge of Nerf and we look forward to viewing more of your videos.

Author — @andrewmoon9889


As fun as I find Mega blasters, I do not use them all that often compared to Elites. Mega darts are so expensive that I only hold about 16 of them right now but plan to bump that up to 36 at the first chance. Anyway, the worst to best Mega blasters I own and in my opinion are;

Z.E.D Squad Magnus

Questions or comments? Bring it on! 👍

Author — @jacktaylor5018


New ones are
-double breach
-twin shock
-thunder hawk
P.S. coop, that is the proper way to use the lightning bow!

Author — @rayroskos4423


I only use the magnus b/c I think it looks sick. It just feels good and reminds me of something you might actually see in some sci-fi sort of thing

Author — @benbrown4049