Hansel and Gretel - Grimm Fairy Tale Classics (M&F Audiobook)

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Today we take a look at another story from the collection of the Grimm Fairy Tale Classics, Hansel and Gretel.
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Not sure what Grimm fairy tale is your favourite but this is definitely a classic.

Author — Mythology & Fiction Explained


I know the Step-mother was the bad guy in this story ( which she is) but some of the blame is on the father. Like how pathetic are you, where you let someone convince you too abandon your kids. Not once but twice!

Author — HarleyxJoker FOREVER


What if the witch and the mom were the same person and she was actually their step mom trying to isolate them and eat them, and that's why the "mom" is suddenly dead without explanation?

Author — Danny Flo


I have a German friend who was raised by his grandmother in a very small village in the Harz mountains, the story's she told him while growing up was so horrible, he still had nightmares at twenty when camping. He was born on December 25, guaranteed to make the water boil when baptized in old horror movie's. His German mother married a American soldier based there and he came to America at ninteen where I met him. I always wondered just what those stories were that frightened him like that, he wouldn't talk much about it. Just a vague mention of nameless slimy things in the forest, some kind of Ancient evil. Reminded me of Lovecraft. Apparently, German foke story's can get very dark and twisted, in the sparsely populated area he grew up in. I used to kid him about the Preist dropping dry ice in the water when he was baptized. A great friend, but with that gloomy brooding typical of Germans.

Author — spooky shadow hawk


"The woman however was dead"....if that in itself isn't a happy ending then idk what a happy ending is

Author — Abnormalee


Great video as always! Wondering if you could do a video on the “evil stepmother” trope? Why are they always evil? Where did this tradition in storytelling start? I’m very interested to know!



I've been looking forward to this. Thanks! Was just about to go to sleep. But, I can put it off a little while longer. Thanks for another wonderful Grimm's!

Author — Kari


This guy has some of the best narrative skills I've ever seen

Author — Gensis Chronicles


One of my favorite fairytales 🙏😭😍
Your voice is very deep and beautiful 🥰

Author — legit boss


Hansel & Gretel awesome! I love the original Grimm Tale's! Keep up the fantastic work 😎👍

Author — Heidi Bevan


Interesting and scary fairy TALE no doubt about that!☻☠💀🖤🕸🕷

Author — Gothic Dragon warrior Queen


Lovely - this was the version I remember listening when I was younger - thank you - even down to the white cat and the pigeon!

Author — Jan Uzzell


My grandma used to tell me these storys. Its funny to hear them in english 😂

Author — TheNgk2012


I really like these! I remember watching the Rapunzel video you released last year and have been waiting for another one ever since. Please keep making Fairy Tale videos! Be it explanations, narrations or both!

Author — candiigurl7893


I feel like instead of abandoning your kids you could try hunting or even fishing.

Author — Bule Crow


Ik this is late. But I had always learned that the “mother” was a step mother. Yet in this interpretation it seems to be the biological mother. It is pretty common for the Grimm Brothers to portray the step mother as evil but not the real mother.

Author — Jacob Blakey


Loved it! Now I want pancakes with apples nuts and sugar!

Author — helenagoblet


I have heard this story countless times but the whole affair with the duck and the riches is new to me. The versions I know all pretty much just ended after the witch had been cooked. Also in the version I know the mother is not that malicious especially but both parents decide on abandonding the children.

Author — John O ́neil


I love listening to you tell stories!!

Author — Katrina Pilgrim


Germans certainly had odd bed time stories. A good story nevertheless though

Author — Mythology with Mike