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The Darkness of King Henry VII | Henry VII Winter King | Real Royalty 4.5

Author Thomas Penn takes an extraordinary journey into the dark and chilling world of the first Tudor, Henry VII. From his victory over Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, to his secret death and the succession of his son Henry VIII, this programme reveals the ruthless tactics Henry VII used to win - and cling on to - the ultimate prize, the throne of England. Exploring magnificent buildings and long-lost documents, Penn reveals the true story of this suspicious, enigmatic and terrifying monarch.

From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.

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A very good documentary treating the viewer with a measure of intelligence and NO continuous din of mindless loud music Thank you

Author — Henry John Facey


You forgot his mother’s role and her planning.

Author — Manoj Kumar Raizada


His mother put him on that throne, not him.

Author — Vanessa Landers


We need to rewrite history to make women seem more important, it makes them feel good. this isn't politically correct.

Dont you guys know women are stunning and brave?

Author — Stripes Hummus


Richard lll biggest mistake was betraying his brothers dying wishes and making an enemy of Elizabeth Woodville. Richard unknowingly caused the fall of House York

Author — Rebecca Rogers


King Henry the 7th, when he died, passed on an incredible fortune which his spendthrift son, King Henry the Eighth, spent to excess and ruin.

Author — Patricia Long


He had to be paranoid. His claim to the throne was paper thin. He knew that could be used as just cause for someone else with a stronger claim to overthrow him. Although it's never been proven that Richard III had the princes killed, if they were alive when Henry took the throne, he DEFINITELY would have had them killed.

Author — Greg Smith


The number of illegitimate kings to sit upon the English throne staggers the imagination. LOL

Author — Anthony Hargis


I like this presenter. Not melodramatic but easy to follow and understand. Good feature enjoying it a lot. Isn't History brilliant.? Especially British History its crazy stuff.

Author — Olz Dee


Henry VII = Winter
Henry VIII = Spring
Errr, then there was some rain, I guess
Elizabeth = Summer

Author — Will Parker


I know this is about Henry the VII but when watching these documentaries I cant help but wonder how history would have been if Arthur didn't die. Seeing the strategy that Henry VII encompassed there would be no doubt that Arthur would have received the tutelage befitting of a future king from birth unlike his younger haphazard brother. Not to say he would have been remarkable but he may have been more inclined to his duty and familial image.

HenryVIII really had no place holding that much power.

Author — Ashley


Very cunning man...changing historical record back dating Bosworth, thereby indicting his opposition as treasonous. The Tudor line was damn well off to rousing gallop, I’d say.

Author — Rodney Morgan Brown


Nothing has changed, money buys power, power gives control, and we are the hamsters that run around the wheel just to keep our heads above water.

Author — Death Star


I highly recommend "the winter king". Packed with so much history, yet reads as a interesting story that you can follow.

Author — Annie Freiler


What a family I come from. Owen tudor is my 18th great grandfather. Glad we don't kill each other anymore.

Author — Hippie Dave


"The glamour of his wife killing son." Wow!

Author — Kevin Bergin


There is more in Henry's first utterances once landed at Milford Heaven (inure 4:00). The exact words are from Psalm 42(43) and in the Latin of the Vulgate are "Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me." (Judge me o lord, and separate my cause from the unholy. Free me from the iniquitous and the wicked.)

These are the words recited by the priest and altar servers (in alternatim) during the prayers at the foot of the altar before the sacrifice of the mass. Henry with this invocation was not only asking for God's blessing and forgiveness and declaring Richard homo iniquo et doloso, out of God's grace; but also telling his followers (who would have immediately understood the significance of these words) that they were embarking together in a sacred, sacrificial enterprise, in a similar manner to the priest and the ministers at the altar, engaged in the purification and atonement rituals just before the mass.

This is a wonderful example on how in the Middle Ages the liturgical text, thanks to its wide popularity and assiduous use, could convey a multi layered, intertwining series of meaning and messages in a very economic manner, in this and other cases to support royal causes. (Cfr the wood carvings on Henry and Elizabeth of York's nuptial bed)

Author — saa82vik


I never understood how Richard trusted Stanley. Stanley was married to Henry's freaking mother for cryin out loud.

Author — Kevin C


I enjoyed this very much. I love the Tudor History even though I'm Irish. Thank you. I've subscribed to your channel and will check out what more on the Tudors you have

Author — Fionnuala Murphy


I'm so sorry for Queen Elizabeth, she went through so much and never spoken a word, thats real torture, may God have mercy on her soul.

Author — bertha etienne