Stephen Miller Got Escorted Out Of CNN

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Stephen Miller Got Escorted Out Of CNN 5
White House political advisor Stephen Miller went on CNN's 'State of the Union' and lost his cool. CORRECTION: he never had a cool to begin with.

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There is no amount of money you could offer me to be that much of a sell out. It sounded like Trump was holding his family members hostage.

Author — Mental Effort


If the book is a "grotesque work of fiction", then why is orange fuhrer and his minions working so hard to discredit the Wolff, bannon, and everything in the book?

Author — Diego


Miller looks more dead behind the eyes than Goebbels did.

Author — Glisern


Mr. Colbert, I can't thank you enough for finding ways to get me to laugh in the midst of this insane national nightmare.

Author — Steve Folkes


They didn't scrape the bottom of the barrel to find Miller, they moved it to see what was festering underneath it.

Author — pfenix7


Stephen Miller is just a glorified 4chan /pol poster. Sending him on television is a grave mistake. He cannot stay calm and focused for more than 3 minutes! That’s what all these years in the basement posting frog memes and posting broscience statements about eugenics and IQ do to you trumpies.
And you balding early as well.

Author — Jason Blade


I love it when Miller said that Trump is a genius
The audience laughed

Author — Shayma Hussain


someone MUST have taken cell phone video of Miller getting escorted out! Release that tape!

Author — Seth Gilbertson


Even when I'm laughing at this, I'm so sad for America.

Author — Dot Mack


That pauly shore comparison was priceless

Author — Patrick Gallehugh


I wonder how he looks in his S.S. uniform?

Author — Tony Tune


Miller looks like Putin's abandoned son

Author — Magpie Nutmeg


Lol Peyton Manning really has to give his "biggest forehead in the world" award to Stephen Miller

Author — Sean Rector


"The Omarosa Goodbye"  - fantastic

Author — TheCalvin



Author — La Judía Jodona


He looks ike a guy who has people chained in his basement.

Author — 8bennaboo


Anytime a guy like that (obviously sent there to spin) utters that many absolutes, you can just switch the channel.

Author — James Harris


Miller's getting a really gigantic salary to acting like this!! It can't be that he truly believes in Trump.... right?? 🤔🤔

Author — Dare Jones


Even Miller's hair is embarrassed for him that it tried to retreat away from his face.

Author — Mr. Person Humanson


no matter how i look at it miller seems high af whatever he's taking it ain't marijuana

Author — Izak