Stephen Miller Got Escorted Out Of CNN

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Stephen Miller Got Escorted Out Of CNN 5

White House political advisor Stephen Miller went on CNN's 'State of the Union' and lost his cool. CORRECTION: he never had a cool to begin with.

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Stephen Miller is just a glorified 4chan /pol poster. Sending him on television is a grave mistake. He cannot stay calm and focused for more than 3 minutes! That’s what all these years in the basement posting frog memes and posting broscience statements about eugenics and IQ do to you trumpies.
And you balding early as well.

Author — Jason Blade


Laughed my ass off. "Calm down, settle down." XD.

"I get it, there's one viewer you care about right now. Your being an obsequious factotum to please him."
Ouch! That was a sick burn.

Author — Linkman247


Miller looks like Putin's abandoned son

Author — Megan L


Is he drunk or on drugs. His speech is slurred.

Author — Enid Allred


Colbert your next story should be what drugs are being taken by Miller, Conway and rest of staff. That guy's behavior look like he was on something. Eyes Droopy a little dry mouthed. I wonder if Sessions is investigating opiate use in WH.

Author — Patti White


That pauly shore comparison was priceless

Author — Patrick Gallehugh


I had watched the interview live on the weekend and I was thinking this guy is loosing it. I even felt it was becoming dangerous in terms of his escalation. Now, that I heard he had to be escorted off by CNN security I am NOT surprised. This guy always reminds me of the men who follow women and stares at them. He does have a serious creep factor to him. I think it is his eyes that never seem to be fully opened and that voice cadence which seems as if he is about to have a seizure. He is a eek factor for me!

Author — Ms X



Author — La Judía Jodona


I wish more journalists were like Jale Tapper, whether you agree with him or not politically, he has the journalistic standards we miss in our tv news. You know, the ones where they hold their guests accountable?

Author — AmethystEyes


Miller looks more dead behind the eyes than Goebbels did.

Author — Glisern


I wonder how he looks in his S.S. uniform?

Author — Tony Tune


Steve be evil, Steve be prick. Steve be trolling in this sycophant flick.

Author — Ben M


If the book is a "grotesque work of fiction", then why is orange fuhrer and his minions working so hard to discredit the Wolff, bannon, and everything in the book?

Author — Diego


Miller always looks like he's half asleep. I imagine he's always bumping into things with his eyelids always at half-mast. A good look for a Bond villain though.

Author — icurhuman2


I watched that interview just to hear Tapper tell him that he's wasted enough of his viewers' time. Tapper was so polite. I noticed that Miller's got a tell...he tics or stretches his neck repeatedly...annoying and very telling thus the tell. He must be a horrible poker player.

Author — Doc Lewis


Mr. Colbert, I can't thank you enough for finding ways to get me to laugh in the midst of this insane national nightmare.

Author — Steve Folkes


"The Omarosa Goodbye"  - fantastic

Author — TheCalvin


"Because I don't want to do that."
Absolutely savage and beautiful.

Author — MavenDeo


If tRump says it is a lie you know it must be true.

Author — David Beppler


There is no amount of money you could offer me to be that much of a sell out. It sounded like Trump was holding his family members hostage.

Author — Mental Effort