Opening George Washington's Tomb

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Opening George Washington's Tomb 5

Take an inside look at the everyday process and the traditions involved in preparing the tomb of America's first President for visitors.

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Tomb is in suprisingly good shape for how many times the man has turned in his grave

Author — Samuel McGregor


Who here clicked this video because they wanted to see George Washington's dead body?

Author — J.C.S S.


George Washington would be ashamed of the United States today if he was still alive.

Author — lucas


As a veteran, it’s been my hope and dream to one day to go and visit his tomb so I can give my respects to our first commander in chief, first President and a fellow military member The General. He was one of the influential people in my life that helped make my decision to join and go fight for our country. He deserves to hear that much for all that he did for us.

Author — Ben Vasilinda


The only man who could have been King if he wanted and then, President for life.
He declined both.

Author — Person Of Interest


*Opens George Washington's tomb*

George Washington: *Ight ima head in*

Author — Stories


“A man only dies when he is forgotten!” -Eichiro Oda

Author — XDeeReaperX 4444


While on my senior trip in the 90s, I was asked to do the wreath laying ceremony. Very memorable opportunity!

Author — Jenny Brummett


The man that said, “Political Parties Is Bad For Our Politics”. Much respect to this man, (Our first and Humble leader) Its like he knew what we would become. RIP Father Of Our Nation.

Author — Chris M.


"It's only treason, if you lose."- George Washington



If I were a billionaire I would restore old homes like this just for the love of the old architecture.



Imagine going to the tomb then you suddenly see george washington casually walking out of the tomb.

Author — old man


He set the tone for the presidency, particularly by limiting himself to two terms.

Author — frank hargreaves


I ate a pear from one of Georges pair tree, my 4th grade class was on a field trip and i saw a guy picking up pears that fell on ground so i asked if i could have one. He tossed one to me and my friend but he told us not to tell anyone because he didnt have enough for everyone.

Author — Raymond Dowd


I believe that I’m one of the few, non family members, to have entered the Washington crypt. As an African American, it’s a particular point of pride. I happened to be on the grounds doing some work. A job which culminated with the preparation to build the new gift shop. It was an honor after hearing about the former slave that designed and built the crypt. Just walking past the Alabaster sarcophagus of George and Martha, there’s a quiet reverence, like stepping back in time. I got to open the door to the crypt and peer inside. It was just after a huge storm had hit and they wanted to check and make sure it hadn’t been compromised. As a history buff and future Archives Technician, it doesn’t get any better. My next highest honor was to be in the same room with the Declaration of Independence as it was last being restored. Part of what can only be a mass blessing of great timing. This not lost of the fact that I recognized the standing of a black man, in the days of each event. We’ve come a long way, in a relatively short time, but we still have far to go. 🙏🏽

Author — socialninja22


I stop watching this video because I was close to tearing up I love George Washington great honoring video

Author — Ethan Rhodeback


I pray it remains safe till the end of time.
Rest in Peace for eternity.

Author — Lori Kulstad


Because I am a veteran, I was privileged with the high honor of laying a wreath inside General Washington’s tomb. I did so slowly with full military bearing as my 10 year old daughter looked on.

She still speaks of that with great reverence some 20 years later. I will remember this undeserved honor until the moment I die.

Author — Sean Connors


This makes me proud to be an American.🇺🇸🇺🇸💯god bless America

Author — javi C


Only 1790's kids will remember when George Washington died

Author — TheTypeOfBoi