Waiting for Tomorrow - Mandisa (lyrics)

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Waiting for Tomorrow - Mandisa (lyrics) 5
Waiting for Tomorrow - Mandisa

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Dear Lord, You deserve more than my procrastination :(

Author — Jamie


This is the first time i've listened to this song, i just found it today. This song is everything i am, i need to change but it seems soo hard to and i don't know why. Please pray for me to change, thank you.

Author — WAR kitten


The only problem I have is that I can't seem to play it loud enough! MAN THIS SONG IS JUST THE MOST UPLIFTING! Glory to God in the highest!

Author — n3qdz


Thank you for sharing my sista...Today is a gift that's why they call it the

Author — Careylu Trease


Jesus help me to change and be a better person. No more procrastinating!

Author — Billy T


Mendisa you can change people heart.

Author — Adrian Perez


Mandisa always makes every body feel better

Author — adrian marquez


This song is bringing the belivers frome all around the world
Please pray fir my science teacher's mom who has been in the hospital for 4 weeks. We have had a sub for that long. They are saying she might not live but we just need to believe please pray

Author — Callie Frey


I LOVE this SONG I listen to this song everyday

Author — Fun Time Foxy


Hello from France ! Great job!!! What soft did you use to dio it ??

Author — Sylvain Ruffo


i really love this u are blessed!!!!

Author — Morrison Dontworry


so in conclusion: today is yesterdays tomorrow!
~God bless the world! (and keep your rooms cleaned!) ;)

Author — Adira Kirkland


I LOVE the backgrounds!
Tell me please, where did you find them?

Author — Sherry Myers


Great job making this video ... What a great song for all to hear .... God Bless to all !!!

Author — Joey Bagga Donuts


Thanks so much for sharing this -- it has such a deeper meaning to me and my walk ...and my life actually!

Author — pprrhh102


Love this video Josh! Just tweeted about it! Thank you!

Author — MandisaOfficial


10 peeps aren't waitin' 4 tomorrow, they're stuck in 2day! <3 the vid!

Author — KC Torrence


mandisa i mean....thank god for giving you such an amazing talent

Author — athena george