Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC

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Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC 5

(Video credit : Dan Ladue) A New York City woman's impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.

Desiree Barnes said she approached the group Saturday night in the East Village after they began looting the stores below her apartment.

That is when a man on the street noticed her message and started filming.



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She’s right, these looters are literally profiting off George Floyd’s death it’s outrageous. 😡

Author — Court Jester


God help all those who stand up and tell the truth. This woman has a lot of courage .

Author — Littlewhite petals


She is black and she is proud. This women is inspirational. Stop it ITS NOT THE FREAKEN PURGE PERIOD.

Author — Amina Kh


She is smarter than most politicians who just showing support to get votes.

Author — lovemypuppy76


Why so many dislikes? She's making perfect sense.

Author — SD


The looters are only taking advantage of his death not protesting it.

Author — Gowoke Gobroke


She's the most sensible person seen in all of the BLM riots all over the world ever!

Author — Blacktie Title


She’s a real hero. Too bad the media as a whole decided her voice isn’t worth hearing.

Author — Winston Smith


I don't live in America but I understand what this women is going through and fully support was she is saying.

Author — Eitan Roth


She restored my faith in humanity a little bit. This world needs women like her! Strong and powerful women like her.

Author — idontgiveafuck


She has a point. Looters are destroying everything an stealing but they go home to warm beds an nice house's while others suffer.

Author — David m


No libraries or bookstores are being looted. Imagine start educating yourself.

Author — Mitchell Walgreen


Its sad. The far left and their agenda. Destroy America is what they aim to do.

Author — Mr. Mister


why does this woman not running BLM ? BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T FIT THEIR NARRATIVE, ,,SAD

Author — joker Darker


We need people in this world like this woman.

Author — AM H


She's expressing how struggling, low-income people are affected by all this violence and vandalism. They are the ones who suffer the most from all this unrest.

Author — nativetexanful


Give this woman a microphone and let everyone hear her.

Author — Mary Davidson


Tbh This isn’t for George Floyd anymore, it’s an excuse to act this way🤦🏽‍♂️



Can’t believe even this channel is showing this. Mainstream is doing nothing but causing more division. There’s an agenda at hand. Just watch next to come is Covid second round. Watch and see. The old system needs to FALL in order for the new system to RISE. NWO is coming. Antifa is a bunch of terrorists who have taken over BLACK LIVES MATTER and are using Floyd’s death as a means to steal kill and destroy. Evil to the core and should be handled accordingly. Mainstream is commending this behavior because they are part of the problem and are an enemy to this country. There’s a big picture here and big agenda coming to a neighborhood near you, me, all of us. A depression that this country hasn’t seen in 150 years is coming. Stock up on food, buy gold and silver, the Petra dollar will lose its value altogether so one world currency can be created for the NWO. This is a plan that’s been in the making for over 100 years. Godbless all.

Author — Fite4 Truth


And to the African American police officer that ultimately gave his life protecting the rights and freedom for Americans over 20 years of his life... Where is his justice. It seems BLM has the ability to pick and choose its battles. RIP Mr floyd, cos America doesn't give 2 fks about honest and hard working people who give everything to serve its people. I won't have sympathy for those people who wreak havoc amongst their community and will one day require the aid or assistance of the law enforcement. Such hypocrisy.

Author — David Wong