FPX vs RNG - Game 1 | Grand Finals LPL Spring 2021 playoffs | FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up

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lpl play-offs RNG vs FPX Game 1 China LPL Spring 2021 Finals - Royal Never Give Up vs FunPlus Phoenix Game 1 | FPX vs RNG G1 2021 English VOD | Spring 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up G1 VOD
League of Legends Pro League China LPL Spring 2021 - regular split.
First match of the day - Royal Never Give Up vs FunPlus Phoenix best of 5 Game 1. RNG vs FPX G1.

FunPlus Phoenix Line-up:
Top - Nuguri Irelia
Jungle - Tian Hecarim
Mid - Doinb Orianna
ADC - Lwx Xayah
Support - Crisp Galio

Royal Never Give Up Line-up:
Xiaohu - Top Jayce
Wei - Jungle Udyr
Cryin - Mid Viktor
Gala - ADC Tristana
Ming - Support Nautilus

Patch: 11.6 - Season 11
Game date: 18.04.2021 | 04/18/2021 | April 18th 2021
Game place: china
Casters: Penguin and Dagda

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Game Start: 6:20
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Author — EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library


DoinB really got that game but jeez that stun stopwatch by nuguri freaking huge bait

Author — Hypnos


you're really fast lol thanks very much epic



lmao at the reaction on basic orianna combo

Author — Anton kjellman


Its really rare to see a full sp ban list, and its even more rare when the other team respect and is scared of the other team’s sp

Author — Anh Minh Phạm


I check if I had speed 2x because they are talking so fast

Author — Alfonso Labeaga


I'm late for live and i don't want to watch game 2 without seeing game 1 first. So here I am.. Thanks for fast uploads!

Author — Jayson Juare


Tian really do complete FPX, they wasn’t themselves when he took a break

Author — MrTanno123


Whoah I literally just watched this live, coming here again while the analysts talk which is sleeper omegealul

Author — Ninjuric


양심이 있으면 우리는 코로나를 이렇게 잘 극복했다고 자랑할 게 아니라 최소한 미안한 기색이라도 비쳐야 하는 거 아니냐

Author — Kryndude


Preparing myself for a couple of hours of "oranG" and awesome League of Legends.

Author — Logan Ownby


I bet on you guys today, never heard of you, but if you win I’ll be 1500 quid richer! Let’s go boys! gl

Author — Jarred McMerrick


this is peak league man, just on a whole different level from LCS

Author — Alexander Smolentsev


Man I love Fpx so fun to watch so hype to see actual good teams face each other

Author — Fern Ayoo


Lol didn't expect this to be in Wuhan.

Author — Kaiju Kaiju


OMG, Nuguri is a monster. 37:38 he landed the stun THE INSTANT he went into stasis. FPX and RNG played a near perfect game on each side. RNG did not make a mistake in that last fight, they just got outplayed by Nuguri. The level of skill showed in that final fight is nuts! This game was so hype.

Author — Joshua Harris


I knew it was trouble when they didn’t drop the herald on bottom lane

Author — Azers Recordings.


What was more epic this game or Epics upload speed

Author — Gavin Thibert


just finished watching that single game.
The West is doomed this year.

Author — Aurélien Becht


One of the commenters sounds really Irish.

Author — Xanxus