Shadowfang Keep Classic WoW Guide 🐺 DUNGEON DIVES

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Shadowfang Keep is by far the most complex and difficult dungeon in the 20-25 range. Its filled with ghosts, ghouls and furries! Yoinks! Let’s see how to progress through this haunted mansion in this episode of Dungeon Dives!

0:00 Intro
1:20 (Quest) Deathstalkers in Shadowfang
1:24 (Quest) Arugal Must Die
1:27 (Quest) The Book of Ur
1:30 (Quest) The Orb of Soran'ruk (Warlock)
1:52 (Quest) Tome of Valor (Paladin)
2:45 Recommendations
3:06 Rethilgore
3:20 Trash
3:46 (Quest) Deathstalkers in Shadowfang/Paladin Quest (Complete)
3:56 Razorclaw
4:08 Baron Silverlaine
4:23 Warlock Quest (Complete)
4:27 Trash
4:37 Commander Springvale
5:02 Navigation
5:10 Odo
5:30 Trash / Deathsworn Captain
6:05 Trash
6:26 Fenrus
6:41 (Quest) Book of Ur (Complete)
6:47 Nandos
7:34 Arugal
8:25 End

💬 Comments

I don't think they can get any better and they just do! Excellent work!

Author — Defcamp & Melderon TV


You put some insane effort on these.
Never think youre wasting time, these are amazing and im sure all your subs enjoy it.

Author — M B


This dungeon had so many early BIS items for cloth users it was insane. Running all the way to Hillsbrad to get a semi decent flight path as Alliance was a good memory.

Author — Punishment


Today I had the most epic vanilla experience in this dungeon. I was a shaman healer in the group, and we were fighting arugal. The damage done by the boss was too great, so I quickly ran out of mana, the tank died and 2 other dps died soon after when the boss was around 30-ish% hp.
Me and a hunter were the only 2 left, and we managed to duo kill him with a lot of VERY clutch moments. I kept healing us and using LOS to hide from shadow bolts, and the hunter kept rezzing his pet and dealing nice damage. It took a few long stressful minutes, but we killed him! We were all thrilled in the end, best fight ever!

Author — vitorfray


Your editing is out of this world. I always get excited when I get a notification from platinumwow! You and madseasonshow is two of the best content creators on yt.

Author — Senior Jr.


Dude... what a well produced video! This is my favorite dungeon.

Author — Nathan Miller


Absolutely fantastic videos, I binged them all. Your humor is amazing mate please keep this up during Classic, we need you in the scene! subbed

Author — Jonatan


I hope this channel gets more attention when classic releases. Best intro ever.

Author — xcepttionel


Platinum, as much as I'm not that into WoW, I LOVE watching your videos, they are very fun to watch, well edited, and put together. I loved the introduction, it reminded me of my favourite cartoon I used to watch as a kid.

Author — uioup


Awesome video! Best intro so far too! :D
Can't wait to see your Dungeon Dives videos of Scarlet Monastery, Stratholme, Scholomance, UBRS and Blackrock Depths! Those are my favorite dungeons from Vanilla. :)

Author — Siperos


I remember back in BC I was alittle over lv40 on my resto druid when I saw a group looking for a healer for this place, I decided to help them out since I was well over leveled it would be easy, well kindness paid off for me when we had a Assassin's blade BoE drop all 5 people hit greed on it and I won. That BoE sold for several hundred gold at the time because it was one of the best in slot items for twink Rogues, I managed to buy my level 40 training and mount with that drop, very feel good moment.

Author — zoltansaged


Shadowfang Keep, one of my most favorite dungeons, i still have Fenrus' Hide on my first character

Author — Nuclear Vanity


your editing skills are perfect, thanks for the effort every time!

Author — Paragon


I always forget how much I love your vids until you put a new one out. Pray for you to be the biggest vanilla wow youtuber you are my fav much love for the effort put into the content I cannot stop laughing every time

Author — Toxic


Honestly such a good wow content creator. Earned my sub for sure!! 👌

Author — Rob Brown


Another awesome video, had to click on that sub button for obvious reasons :D Also, wouldn't it be great if WoW actually had very dark nights and zones like SFK would make everything dark and grim... that'd be greeeeat. Always wanted those "darker" places to feel more creepy. But places like Duskwood or SFK aren't really that dark as one would hope :(

Author — Finnish Fatman


your videos are one of a kind and i am always shocked at every single one. i love the comedy and information in these videos. listen, i never comment on videos but this is truly a great video. keep it up!!

Author — Repulsively


thank you so much for crafting this into existence, you just merged my two biggest childhood memory's in to some type of super memory

Author — MrFrapser


You’re videos are more amazing than looting an assassins blade off a trash mob 😉

Author — Andrew Mcmanus


Dude! Your edits are so good! They're so entertaining! Bravo!

Author — Stan the man