Democrats Plan Their House Takeover and Fire Up THE SUBPOENA CANNON | The Daily Show

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Democrats Plan Their House Takeover and Fire Up THE SUBPOENA CANNON | The Daily Show 5
Following their big wins in the midterm elections, the Democratic House majority is planning to launch a “subpoena cannon” at the Trump White House. Plus, Michael Kosta stars in a PSA showing Dems how to avoid committing “presidential harassment.”

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Democrats plz make a change. Let me have hope again.

Author — angel villa


Mitch "Our top priority is making sure Obama doesn't get a second term" McConnell is now out here complaining about presidential harassment. Hey Mitch, they learned it from you.

Author — Krombopulos Michael


Wasn't it Ku Klux Klan Mitch McConnell who stated my job is to make Obama a one-term president and a failure at everything he does. Only thing that he did for the country when Obama was Pres was to hold the country back....Now he wants to cry FOUL for AGENT ORANGE!!!!

Author — Ron Copeland


"Think of the President as a stripper“ might be the most uncomfortable and vomit inducing thing ever said 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Author — Andrea Malloyd


I voted Dem across the board this last election and honestly, as much as I love the idea of getting to the bottom of trump, I would also like for the Dems to concurrently work on healthcare and infrastructure bills. They can do both, I mean it doesn’t take 230+ of them to investigate trump—that’s like going to chuck e’ cheese and saying find evidence of children. They’re everywhere. So, please, focus on bills as well. Get them through the house. If the senate rejects them, Republicans will be voted out in 2020. It’s like the Golden opportunity for democrats to show competence and put the pressure on the senate to work for the people and not the president, and I think they will do a good job. And get these DACA kids their citizenship’s, they’ve been here long enough and if they haven’t committed crimes, give them representation.

Author — Maximus Chedawg


The Dems shouldn't even be announcing their plans for Trump and his cronies. They should just move in silence. No warnings. Just rain hell on them.

Author — Otherworldlytwo2nine


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how cute Trevor Noah is?

Author — Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels


If I were the Dems I would point the Subpoena Cannon at Trump and say “Hey vote for the healthcare, and infrastructure, and whatever else we want or else.” Then fire it anyway. Very Trumpian, very poetic.

Author — TheJevardo


This Mitch sob and all of his kkk buddies needs to be ousted from Washington !!

Author — Mahfuz Ahmed


A few months ago Trump, his fans, and Fox News were bragging about how well the economy is doing under their god-emperor,

now the stock market is apparently down, and it's all the fault of the nasty, evil, crooked democrats.

"When things are going well, it's OUR fault!
When things are going badly, it's THEIR fault!"

That line is not satire anymore.

Author — Rocco Anders


Kosta: "Think of the president as a stripper."

Me: "No. No I will not..."

Author — The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua


*Democrats pull Oprah back out: YOU get a subpoena! ...and YOU get a subpoena!! ...and 😂

Author — lj033


Subpoena cannon? At this point I’m ready for the Dems to go subpoena nuclear.

Author — dafttool


Harassing the president is part of the job of the three branch system.

Author — Tyrant-Den


Part of me is kinda sad. It has truly been fun to watch this administration from Europe, like a reality show where you put a bunch of morons in charge of a country and sees what happens. It has been fun!
But yeah, let's get serious now. Time for some damage control😂

Congratulations americans 🙂
Best from Denmark

Author — Toby Won Kenobi


"Are you in the mood, Subpoena?" Since when does Trump care if you're in the mood?
"Grab'em by the poena" Much better. LOL

Author — SilverSpoon01


He is goin to be grabbed by his subpoenis.

Author — Thilo Manten


presidential harassment ! he was not really elected ! he was Putin office

Author — EC Marquez


"Presidential harassment?!?" didn't McConnell say he wanted to make Obama a one-term president?

Author — Siyabonga Africa


I can't wait to see Trump lose whatever's left when the Democrats destroy him and his corrupt cronies! #Downwiththeorange!

Author — Courage Karnga