THE SILK ROAD I - 1 of 12 - The Glories of Ancient Chang'an

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THE SILK ROAD I - 1 of 12 - The Glories of Ancient Chang'an 5
Camels plodding across the desert, and a sense of timelessness evoked by Kitaro's theme music... NHK devoted 17 years to the planning, shooting and production of The Silk Road, which unearthed trade routes linking long-lost civilizations of East and West. A landmark in broadcasting history, this series told the story of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations.
The NHK Tokushu and China's CCTV documentary series The Silk Road began on April 7, 1980. The program started with the memorable scene of a camel caravan crossing the desert against the setting sun, with Kitaro's music and a sense of timelessness. It was the start of an epic televisual poem.
The first journey described in the series began in Chang'an (now Xi'an), at the eastern end of the ancient route. On 450,000 feet of film, the NHK crew recorded the path westward to the Pamir Heights at the Pakistan border and this material was edited to make 12 monthly broadcasts. In response to viewers' requests that the series be extended to cover the Silk Road all the way to Rome, sequels were made over the next 10 years. Seventeen years after the program was conceived, the project was completed.

1) The Glories of Ancient Chang-An
Chang-An - China's old center. The journey begins from Chang-An, current Xi-an that was more than 1,000 years a capital in China, and the melting pot of international influences.

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Outstanding documentary.  They simply could not make something this beautiful today.  Its humble, it has a feeling and mood to it.  The ambiance...    There is to much glitter now 

Author — Drew Cody


it take me to my childhood. whit beautiful kitaro music

Author — ray m


A really beautifully made documentary, which I remember watching when first aired, here in the UK. The Silk Road has always been a source of wonder, imagination and inspiration to me. So when this documentary was aired, it was the first time we westerners had really seen images of this far of and amazing landscape, with its varied peoples and culture. So lovely to watch it all again. Well posted and thank you MrGregiur.

Author — Deebz270


I would have liked to have shown map when a new location is mentioned.

Author — Tami Day


This documentary is a LEGEND! Find the ancient history of the space between China and Rome ....

Author — иван иванов


Japanese documentary, with korean subtitle, English dubbed.

And a Korean watching this. Lol

Author — Studying Kim


One of the best tv show from my childhood. 😢

Author — Mika Rinne


I used to watch this as a child from an old VHS tape. The theme music is so nostalgic! I simply love it.

Author — Skating Astronaut Chicken


Korean subs make English subs difficult to read

Author — boodistGeek


Best documentary of all time. I've watched it four times in the last four years.

Author — terradosolemar vento


This is an old documentary but by far the very best one on the Silk Road. Thank you for posting.

Author — laserbeam 002


I love this series. Probably one of the finest documentaries ever made in the history of TV.

Author — acalthu



Author — Forbidden History ARCHIVE


I'm all before....some of the best videos in

Author — Deckie Deckie


very well made documentary I can't explain how much I love this lol so relaxing

Author — Mental Alchemist


I'm amazed by how much parts of Chang'an/Xi'an has changed, especially the area around the drum and bell tower.

Author — jojes03


I really enjoyed this one as well, I also recommend this one as it deals with the Silk Road and the ancient history of Silk and its evolution in trade, transportation on the silk road and its impact on ancient, medieval and modern industry.

The history of silk is really an amazing testament to humankind's ingenuity and the randomness of life since Neolithic times. I hope you enjoy this episode. It turned out to be a much greater story than I was ever aware of.

From the mythological origins of the discovery of silk, to the science behind the actual process of silk making this lecture dives into it, giving you an important economic, archaeological and social history of this silk.

From Persia, Ancient Rome and to the modern nations of Europe silk was craved, sought, purchased and trade secrets were stolen as various peoples and enterprises sought to explore the silk industry and trade!

An awesome presentation. Terms that Laszlo Montgomery uses throughout this episode are listed below for a better understanding!

If you have not listened to The China History Podcast definitely check them out, I am just delving into the history of Asia and the content he provides on China is more than I could ever hope for.

Author — The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages


Thank you for up loading these. I watched these in the eighties

Author — Rik Harris


It's a GREAT SHAME that the video quality is so low (1980's style).
This series in ultra high definition would be priceless!

Author — BudG


The low resolution is just more than I can deal with now - but I saw enough to appreciate the values that contributed to this great doc.

Author — R Deegan