Count Basie Theatre - Renovation Time Lapse FULL VIDEO

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Count Basie Theatre - Renovation Time Lapse FULL VIDEO 4.5

A full video of our renovations from June '08 - October '08.

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Looked great! I was there for Kevin Smith on Nov 7th. What a beautiful theater.

Author — Mark Cersosimo


Cute video! Would love to go back and see another show now that it's been renovated. (HINT HINT...Bring back Al Green!)

Author — MissE9843


Omg I preformed the little mermaid jr. there with coach Anthony 🧜🏼‍♀️ I was the blowfish 🐡 When they said and all the bluefish though LOL

Author — Juliana Pezzano


I recently went to a concert at the newly renovated Wellmont theater in Montclair and thought the same thing. I actually had to undo my belt for some breathing room. I was thinking of catching Boz Scaggs here in January, but if it's as cramped as the Wellmont I'll probably pass.

Author — habyss


If I may, I would like to share a little bit of personal history that I have for the Count Basie Theater. I sat here and watched the TLV and seeing inside from the balcony down to the stage, it brought back memories for me. When I was attached to the theater, it was a movie theater and her name was the Carlton. My Father (Who has long since passed on) was the theater manager there in the early 1970's. (About 1973-1974 or 75) He brought me with him at night and I played all over the

Author — hotforxx