Getting High Injecting Snake Venom

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Getting High Injecting Snake Venom 4.5
We met with a guy who's been injecting himself with snake venom for 20 years and he looks better than ever.
The hemotoxins which attack human blood cells in a tree viper's venom can result in an agonising death in less than 30 minutes. The neurotoxins in a cobra bite can kill a person in half that time. for the past 20 years Steve Ludwin has been sticking all this lovely deadly snake juice in a syringe and mainlining it all the way to immortality. Privately milking an array of deadly snakes including rattlesnakes, monocled cobras, and a few casual vipers thrown in to the mix, Steve has been injecting what would for any normal human be fatal amounts venom into his body since the late 80s.

The basic principle - laid out by pioneer herpetologist, Bill Haast, who died last year at the age of 100 - is that regular exposure to the venom results in the body developing an immunity. Steve claims to not only never get ill, but that cobra venom is the ultimate pick me up, with effects lasting a days after injecting, making Steve stronger, faster and more resilient. Finally it looks like mainstream scientific research might be catching up.

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Injecting yourself with cobra venom to improve your skateboard skills is the most edgelord thing I've ever heard

Author — Roger Taylor's Alfa Romeo


We’re all gonna feel like dumbasses when he lives to 124

Author — Jake Erickson


The reason why this dude looks so young is bcos he shed his old skin like 5 times a year.

Author — Neil Sangte


Pros: he’s successfully stoped ageing.

Cons: he shakes like he has 90yo athritis

Author — Mike Ruchington


"When I was 17." Than it showed a picture of him with a snake at age 17. The guy looks exactly the same at the age of 46. Damnnn.

Author — S


I must have missed the "getting high" part.

Author — Bryan Taylor


Bro just smoke weed and take shrooms like the rest of us

Author — Lexie Tibbs


Plot twist, he just pretends he’s injecting venom it’s actually pcp and crack

Author — benjamin shiffman


It has destroyed his nervous system though. Look at him shaking.

Author — HxC Fragman


He said, "Perhaps there are some anti-aging properties to snake venom..."

Yeah... There sure is. You get bit, you die, and BOOM! No more aging!

Author — Adam Woodie


He could have just smoked a bowl, this isn’t it man.

Author — Biological Failures


Survives 5000 different snake poisons, dies of mosquito bite.

Author — Malzahar Kassadin


This man is trying to crack the code and live forever like orochimaru

Author — Setsuna0w0


Honestly this just seems like a self harm addiction with extra steps.

Author — Connies Curse


He definitely looks way younger than 46.

Author — ___1901 1999


I don't get the hate for this guy. He's doing medical research ON HIMSELF that could one day benefit us all and that makes it okay to hate him? His body his choice.

Author — NathanWilson


for everybody here:
he's only shaking when dealing with the snakes.look at him on his computer, not shaking

Author — basic btw


This guy may be a variety of things,

but a small-penised man he is not

Author — retard


I think this dude’s very interesting, brave and forward-thinking.

Author — Pinupgirl


First thing I noticed was your shaking like you have parkenson's man. Is that a side effect or what ?

Author — Dan Denkins