HUMVEE AMBUSH - ArmA 3 Milsim Operation

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HUMVEE AMBUSH - ArmA 3 Milsim Operation 5

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It's crazy how good arma 3 still looks

Author — Bensonsan


two dudes, riding in humvee, talking about the terrain because they're not gay.

Author — Chickenbomb


Drew: Jamie, your in command

Jamie: Oh, ok.

Jamie: Lets clear that compound

Drew: Nope lets observe from another hill first

Jamie: Ok+


Author — Vanished8


This looks like certain parts of Afghan. If you were to add mud huts and small villages, it would be the perfect start to some of the vehicle patrols I used to do back in 2013-2014.

Author — Jay Jacobs


0:26 U.S soldier Gnomes the enemy February 25 2019 Colorized.

Author — Boi O Boi


a drewski milsim OP YES YES YES i must watch after homework

Author — dogzillal


I just built my pc yesterday im getting arma 3... thanks to you...

Author — Lord Gollum


*imagine seeing frankie with a gauss sniper and a ghillie suit*

Author — РГ_Сдртцяе аиd Яцsн В


Hey mate! Great vid, as per usual. As a Level Designer who quite appreciates creating missions in A3, is there any way you could post your mod list somewhere? I feel they are of quite satisfactory quality!
Keep it up! Cheers

Author — nicks bekko


How do you find these servers with amazing Organization and seriousness?

Author — TechMR


I left a like before I watch because I already know it’s gonna be great.

Author — I’m Not a troll


Wouldve been pretty badass if you had a sniper in the squad. All them opportunities for awesome shots

Author — Justin Kang


I used to want a pc pretty bad but now I NEED ONE

Author — x_reapr_ x


I was going to ask when you would play arma again

Author — Nathan Hester


there were so many times where if you went 3rd person you could of snapped a nice screenshot

Author — Raxprecision 8


Awesome videos bro, keep up the awesome work, you're welcome bro!

Author — Yancy Cliff


Drewski, in the middle of a war: "Woah, the plane hit the mountain, ain't that beautiful?"

Author — Bilack


Squad leader without the commander. ( the commander is karma btw and the squad leader is drewski)

Author — Demarcus Baldwin


yo drewski... specifically for arma gameplay i would love to see a list of mods you are running... since arma (3) is so moddable in both gameplay graphics and assets, i would love to see what you use to get the same gameplay experience as in the video :D

Author — jerpamithe1


The best way to go out is by friendly fire by an A-10!! BEST ENDING EVER😂😂😂

Author — NasTheGreat 2003