The Life and Death of Helicopter Commuting

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The Life and Death of Helicopter Commuting 5

Fifty years ago, a helicopter company called New York Airways whisked passengers from the rooftop of the iconic Pan Am Building in midtown Manhattan to any city airport in just 10 minutes. A fatal accident in 1977 brought that era to an end.

40 years later, E-VTOL technology could open a new chapter in short-distance airborne commuting.

Video by Raymond Schillinger

Camera: Brian Schildhorn
Animation / Graphics: Sylvia Yang and Chiachi Lee
Sound Design: Andrew Hylnsky

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News Footage provided by NBCUniversal Archives. All Rights Reserved.


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5 deaths with 500, 000 passengers transported a year? That's a horrifying accodent- but statistically, it's safer than ground transit...

Author — Supadubya


"Probably the most challenging thing I've ever done... except for getting shot in Vietnam. haha" what a badass haha

Author — BuzzedAldrin


For those wondering, $5 in the 50s is about 50 bucks in today's money.

Author — Premiere Pro for Beginners


And 8 minutes in I realize I'm actually watching an elaborate ad.

Author — m76sports


I'm still waiting for a drone from amazon to deliver my packages

Author — Hugo Pulido


The incident 40 years ago with uncontrolled rotor blades killed 5 people brought an end to the industry, and now the come back company is named "blade", irony.

Author — Asterisk*


YouTube’s algorithm doing a great job 👍😂
Timing 100

Author — Antóin Fox


This is just a disguised advertisement for Blade..

Author — Mischief2013


I'm gonna start a helicopter service. All I need is someone to give me a small investment of 1 million dollars.

Author — Apollo


9 days after this accident 585 people were killed when two jumbo jets collided. Funny they scrapped the whole industry for 5 deaths yet jumbo jets are still flying today.

Author — Sodiumreactor


Thank you Bloomberg, for taking video content seriously. Unlike your lazy compatriots at INC. you all seem to take pride in quality video content with interesting topics and great execution.

You have a new fan.

Author — Bro. Tolliver


in the 1960s you could get anywhere in nyc by helicopter, in the 1970s you could fly across the atlantic in 3 1/2 hours. its amazing how far backwards we have gone

Author — Jonathan Dinner


It was 5 people why is it such a big deal more than 5 people die every week in NYC due to cars and that isn't a big deal

Author — Gautam Iyer


1 crash and it's all over, that's just stupid. Cars crash all the time... More frequently and often are just as deadly... Why the heck are people still driving cars? If 1 helicopter crash kills an commercial industry, then cars should be flat out illegal.

Author — PilotB


Mean while every weekend I hear Michael Bloomberg flying his helicopter over my house to play golf at Deepdale

Author — Daniel Bronstein


I am more with Musk on the underground 3d tunnels, i don't want to walk-out on the stree and the Sykes to be as busy as the roads not a big fan

Author — Ianis Birliba


I like how we blame the *accident* instead of whiny, paranoid New Yorkers for the death of rooftop operations. How many car, bus, train, subway accidents happen PER DAY in NYC? But those aren't public and dramatic, so they're "safe".
As always people with NO knowledge in a field are the ones dictating its future. Grow up, children.

Author — Quibbler


To imagine that another crash happened just yesterday in New York...

Author — Jared McDaniel


Tried it as a young man in 1981 and it felt very chic being shuttled between JFK and 34th Street port. Or was it 37th? Anyway, I loved it.

Author — Gene Dexter


Classic case of progress being stifled by NIMBYs, hysterics, and government regulators.

Author — Arthur MacAlpine