Oskr - Lie (Live) // UMK21

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Äänellä vaikutuksen tekevä Oskr tulkitsee UMK21-biisinsä vähäeleisesti, mutta voimakkaasti.


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god i love this song this only proves it, the emotions oskr shows is insane, really brings it to another level

Author — despairley


He performed so intensely that I felt like he was gonna burst in tears at some point. Just look at his eyes turning a bit red throughout. Maybe it means nothing though. Idk.

Author — IABI TV


He was my winner, I cried, his voice brings so much emotions, I can't even describe it. I wished he would have won🥺💖I'm happy for Blind Chanel tho, they were my 2nd

Author — Amandine


Upea laulu ja ääni on mahtava, ehdottomasti yks lemppareista!!

Author — Sansku


This sounds very American, I’m not saying this is dated but I think this would have worked at Eurovision 10 years ago.
His voice is amazing.

Author — Brocklod


Damn what an amazing song. also vocally this was just amazing. Only the staging was a bit weird. but besides that he did a pretty well job

Author — Idk


Love Oskrs song and performance, hope he comes back again!

Author — dan naylor


Goosebumps all over 😭💙!!! Regardless everything I hope this will be the start of an amazing career, 'cause honestly he is extremely talented 💙But pleaaase wiiiin🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

Author — Andrea


Ranka thanks Oskr! Without such great talent in the competition Blind Channel would have gone unnoticed. Thanks also to YLE UMK team and other competitors. What an amazing selection we had and what can be there for 2022. But first....to TORILLE!

Author — Ranka Kustannus


He is really good, he makes me cry with this song every time I listen to it even live

Author — Jill Wesenbeek


As much as I ended up liking "Dark Side", this is the song that's on my "Favorites" Spotify playlist...such a heart-breaking, truly emotion song.

Author — Pete Haas


I this song. Keep forgetting how strong UMK is this year.

Author — Yusuf


This was the f:ing best. Keep it going oskr ♥️

Author — Eetu Heikura


i loved this second after Blind Channel :)

Author — nullen buffeh


It’s been 9 months 🥺😑and I still couldn’t get over my ex since this song came 😭😤

Author — simp Sim


Oli hyvä laulu. Minä tahansa muunna vuonna olis voittanu :/

Author — Seteliseppo


it was good that blind channel won... but they're live performance was a bit off. If i need to think who deserved the win by live performances I think oskr was the one who deserved it... also i really liked this song

Author — Bruh


Tää on kova juttu tää o MattiTeppo Tepon

Author — Superlaama


I was just thinking "Hm he looks a little awkward holding that microphone. I feel like this would be better if he was standing with a mic stand or something" and then he literally stood and walked over to a mic stand. So. I guess he fixed it. good. lol

Author — Heylin's World


Well sung. But looking like a differnt person... heartache taken such a toll?🤔

Author — maarit gneleah