ONBOARD Emergency Landing! Delta Connection CRJ-200 in Akron-Canton (Landing Gear)

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ONBOARD Emergency Landing! Delta Connection CRJ-200 in Akron-Canton (Landing Gear) 4.5

On approach into the Akron-Canton Regional Airport. the pilot announced that there was an indication problem for the front landing gear in the cockpit, meaning that the gear did not extend properly or was vulnerable to collapse. The initial flyover of the airport was probably for the ground crews and ATC to check if the gear was down; apparently it was. The landing was perfect and I thought that the pilots, cabin crew, and Akron ground crews did an excellent job of handling the situation. This flight originated from Atlanta Hartsfield Int'l Airport. I'm glad to have been to record the entire emergency situation briefing from the cockpit This was the most exciting flight I've ever been on!

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What, no hot air balloons clocking 450kts? FAKE!!!

Author — Colorme Dubious


Not only did the pilot fly over the airport for the ground crews and ATC to assess the landing gear, but the long, wide, slow turn around, gaining altitude and then descending, served three purposes. It burned off some fuel; it allowed time to assemble any emergency crews; it allowed other planes to land and get out of the way so this flight could land as safely as possible.

Author — One MercilessMing


Where is the continuously screaming kid in the background?

Author — Gu Nesnaj


If I become a pilot ima say on the intercom when we land, BUTTER

Author — Infinity Forever


This wouldn’t of happened If you used Airplane mode

Author — Daddy vSync


Landing gear: *Gets stuck*

Ryanair Pilots: What is landing gear?

Author — Dio Brando


"Isn't that the airport!?"
Pilot: I see a nice wheat field let's make this shit interesting!

Author — Adam Borseti


That looked softer than most RyanAir flight landings

Author — Noah Y.P


YouTube: everyone must see this 9 years later

Author — Peyton Boyd


If this was RyanAir, you'd have to pay €20 to use the emergency exits.

Author — Armen A.


Pilot was actually just prancing airproud because he roasted him on flight sim server once

Author — HeyTrueBlue


I’m disappointed he didn’t say “butter” when it landed.

Author — MasterTech396


That would've been a bit scary. And I'm sure that soft landing was no accident. I'm sure the pilot intended on the softest touch-down.

Author — Robert Emerson


Damn faulty indication lights. Get your heart pumping extra every time. The pilot was very smooth and professional! Glad it went welll.

Author — Jeffrey Lindsey


the actual title of the video should be:
I SAW A 747 SP!! What are the chances for THAT!

Author — Jemand


it hurts my soul that so many passengers immediately become aviation experts the second they think something is wrong...

Author — carl


You Know Those Pilots Are Experienced If They Butter The Landing

Author — Anchovy49


The reason for the malfunction is that you didn't turn off all electronic devices

Author — ocsrc


There was no “brace!” that I could hear 🤷🏼‍♂️

Author — Rob


I love the Youtube recommended algorythm, 2019 anyone?

Author — Blog Man