Coke keeps you thin! (1961 Coke commercial)

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In this 1961 Coca-Cola commerical, actress Connie Clausen claims that Coke is low in calories and will help keep you thin.

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Coke keeps you thin? Let’s take a look at Santa who is apparently cokes biggest user.

Author — ArtisticallyME


This is how America ended up being one of the leading countries in obesity

Author — leo


This ad aged like a fine glass of milk sitting out on a hot, summer afternoon for 50 years.

Author — SuperHotdogProductions


“The refreshing new feeling you get”

Yeah cause there’s real coke in that coke

Author — Ding_ 2007


“Here, drink this’s got almost no calories!”

Author — Artman822


In the 1960's there was nothing healthier than chugging down a refreshing Coca-Cola after a nice relaxing cigarette.

Author — Sean McLaughlin


“Actually, this individual bottle has no more calories than half a grapefruit”
Me: Googles how many calories a bottle of coke was in 1961
Also me: How big was that grapefruit?!

Author — NotTheSquish


Marketing was a LOT easier when you could just lie. Modern life complicates everything.

Author — Umb O


Everyone’s talking about the inaccuracy of the commercial while I’m thinking about how someone happened to tape this and then someone got it onto YouTube

Author — 09_CRAZY


I like how before she takes sips she has to pause and brace herself

Author — Rafalafel M


Next ad be like:
*Coke: good for your bones.*

Author — Pedro Amaral


it is scary that 10 minutes after I talked to my friend on call about quitting both hard and soft drink to loose weight, I randomly got this 12 year old video as youtube recommendation!!!

Author — Never Mind


Coke now: honest, sold to millions, swears by its legal policies
Coke then: *straight up lies*

Author — Nat Tompkins


This was 12 years ago but this was recommended to all of us randomly

Author — TinyKermit Ong


Coke makes people thin- what a misguiding ad during 1960s.Yet this was way ahead of time- exactly 25 years before invention of the 1st sugar free cola flavored soda Diet Coke.

Author — TIGERZY2K


"I never believed that." -Grandmas around the world.

Author — Melissa Bradley


When Coke was made with real cane sugar, real vanilla, less salt & in really small bottles.

Author — U 812


"another thing that really satisfies me is, it keep me from eating something else that might really add those pounds and just makes me drink 12 more of these."

Author — Hassan Affan


_coke keeps you thin_
Amaricans: *Intense sweating*

Author — ultra gamerpro


"That one didn't age quite so well."
Jon Tron

Author — something stupid