161. Easiest Tin Can Rocket Stove Hybrid - No Drill Required.

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161. Easiest Tin Can Rocket Stove Hybrid - No Drill Required. 4.5

DIY build and burn test of a double wall juice can rocket stove hybrid. It's easy if you have the right tool. Let's skip the drill and try a CAN OPENER.

Welcome to the adventure!
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That triangular can opener is how be opened our beer cans in the 50’s. They were often called “church keys”.

Author — UncleHank


I live in florida .in huricane season.with no electric and no out side grill this is a great way to heat food or just a cup of water for coffee.found this very helpful.thanks for shareing

Author — Shelby Hensley


Hello Dave! That’s what I’d call a 2 for one deal, eat the contents, make a free stove, free fuel can be had everywhere. I see no reason to pay high dollar for something when u can make it, the end results r the same. I will be making one, and a pouch to put it n to keep other stuff clean of suit. I like the simple things n life! Thank u sooo much for sharing !!!

Author — joy bickerstaff


Back in my day this was called a Hobo stove. Nice to see it again for This generation.

Author — Richard Trueman


When you go to Walmart again, check the bulk stuff aisle, they actually have bigger cans of Chef Boyardi ravioli for around $10....bigger than the juice cans....

Author — Kyle Shores


Please don't ever ask to borrow one of my steak knives to use as a punch LOL

Author — Rich McIntyre


i used to make chimney starters for my grills and smokers that was made from a coffee can that looked familiar to these. nice video thank you

Author — Perry Anderson


A 1950’s Boy Scout Field Manual was the first place I saw this type of stove made from Cans. They refer to it as a Hobo Stove. It used 3 or 4 cans stacking them on top of each other to cook a entire meal together. I like all the versions I have seen and the refinement made.

Author — Jim Fox


Thank you for talking me through every step, so I can understand how to make one, too. I’ve never did this DIY before and I appreciate your patient instructions.

Author — Debra Medina


You've shown some improvements on the 'hobo stoves' I have tried over decades; now I'll try tuning that type with the extra pot support at the top (longest chimney effect) for slow burning (Australian) hardwood (perhaps with a very different, non-crossed, shape to maximize the length of stick which can be added when the large pot is cooking. A very low-capital, possibly high-yield technology! Thanks for the thoughts.

Author — Ron D


Nice stove. Very compact.
I wonder if there is any mileage combining this with the style of stove shown on the "Fourdogstoveco" Channel?

Author — Laurie St Lyon


I've used your directions to make a couple of these stoves! Love it because I am not a power tool girl. I want to make one with a #10 can such as a large coffee can. Have you done this? I'm looking for a good fit for the inner can.

Author — MJ M


Nicely done design and demo! Far better than those ridiculous $100 Solo stoves that have very little capacity...

Author — Paul Schortemeyer


Explained so well. Love the ease of making this.

Author — Ritercrazy


Hey Dave, great video, great stove. I would say its a faster boiler then the version I make from tom juc cans and hands down better than any of the numerous designs of rocket stoves I've buildt. You make a very good point on the hot bottom, I mean one should always be careful with where the stove is placed, but the cooler bottom is a plus when your stopping for a quick lunch or hot tea. I think this is your best video yet, But I'm really into stoves LOL! Glad I got to see this before I drop off the planet today. Can't wait to get back to the rockies to make one, no fires where I'm working. And a big congratulations on breaking 1k subscribers Thanks so much for this one.

Author — Big Sky


Talk: -> 6:29
Actual demo: 6:30 ->

Author — BurstFire NO1


Interesting, I remember the Girl Scouts, coffee can stove. Way better design improvements. Thanks

Author — Sandra Nevins


ummm...that looks more like a gasifier stove than a rocket stove...but what ever you want to call it, I like the simplicity of the build...AND..it seems to work pretty good too. ;-)
Thanks for sharing.

Author — canoetipper 01


I’m so inspired watching this video I can hardly wait to make a tin can stove just for the heck of it! Using the humble can opener is brilliant - way more possible to do if the power is out after an earthquake or other disaster.
Your demonstration is easy to follow, well organized and crystal clear. Thank you for sharing this awesome survival trick!

Author — Leslie Michel


I've been looking for an easy way to build one of those, thanks for sharing. That's awesome. Very helpful information.

Author — Vince Lee