The Avengers | The Final Curtain

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"The end is near..."

Only days remaining and I thought we needed another layer of hype. So, I made this video. Hopefully, you will like it.

I bought the tickets cannot wait to find out what is going to happen. There will be more Marvel tributes in the future, so keep your eyes open.

A list of people who are very dear to me:
Oskar Frode, Kira Ernst, Maggie Seider, Carpine Olivier, Kieran Rice, Bethany Vann, Jonathan Kuruc, Flor Tejada, Jack McCann, Georgia Kelly, Henning Just, Andrew Sinnott, Bilaal Afzal, "retonho", Lachie Gordon, Sean Stubblefield, Matt Zweig, Ivan Malov, Christian Mitchell, Kirk Beatson, Maike Waldorf, Michael Robb, Matthew Webb, Joe Lott, Camille Bulaclac, Rachel, Tuck Carrara, Robin Robinson, Janis Lapels, Sebastian G, Joseph Wittmann, Luke Ecock, Teo, Nicholas and Vittoria Ortepi, Grace, Aidan Heaney, Brittany Tenhage, Bagelbaker, Tanja Strietzel, Tom Mcdonald.
You make my life better !

The Avengers Tribute
*Music: Frank Sinatra - My Way

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...this does put a smile on my face...

Author — House Of The Dragon


As per usual Garo fucking killing it, heartfelt, powerful, genuinely emotional but not just sad there's some strange happiness there. Even though this end is coming having been on this ride since the beginning makes you appreciate how much damn fun you've had, I feel like this video perfectly represents that feeling.

Author — AJ


in my opinion, this has some of your best ever sound editing. it all felt so polished, it was truly a delight to watch.

Author — Sami Skillman


Marvel + Frank Sinatra...

A combination I never knew I needed.
Awesome job!

Author — KSM_Productions



*I think Garo is a little excited for the Infinity War movie...*

Author — King_Teodros


Goosebumps set in real fast on this one. Expert, S-Rank level editing. The final salvo was so well done, but I’ll have to say the bridge / Civil War scenes got me hardest.

Author — Hayate Yukimura


I’m just speechless... goddam..
Amazing amazing amazing!!!!

Author — Heroes Fan Productions


This choice of song just took on a whole new meaning for the many that have already seen Infinity War. For many, the curtain truly did fall. But now, it's time for those left to raise it in defiance and avenge them, for the next act is just getting started...

Author — Alpha Zero


Chills absolute chills. This has to be one of my favorite videos you’ve made to date. You used one of my favorite songs and the most my most hyped movie of the year!

Author — applej3lly


I fucking love it. The song used, the editing, everything was just done well, and most of all it told a story which I loved! Great job!

Author — Ben C


Jesus Christ, I thought you couldn't impress me any more than you already have, but this was beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Super emotional, exciting, and most of all, full of hope. Well done. I love it.

Author — Wixhael


Goddamn that could be an official trailer
Good work as always!

Author — Mark Ryan


Wtf, this is by far the best edit for a tribute I have ever seen, every scene fits very well with the music, how tf does this have 60k? It deserves alteast 60 mil ATLEAST. Not gonna lie this got me emotional and I even cried at the end, I watched it about 20 times now and I only found this today and I'm still rewatching it, it is goood. I hope you do more videos like this because this is something I haven't felt before and I love it! I am subbed and turned the bell on and I hope you will keep blowing not just myself but other people away with your content! :O

Author — idragyoutohell


This was beautiful. Made me cry happy and sad tears. Thank you as always

Author — a saleh


Not only the video you create is amazing the thumbnail is unique and stylish, it had ur style and when i saw it i knew it was your channel

Author — Jon T14


After seeing Infinity War this is way more emotional

Author — Eder Ojeda


No I don’t want it to end 😭😭😭

But that was so beautiful, and Wanda 💚💚💚

Author — Torchwood Boy


Waiting for Infinity War's Blu-Ray just to watch your awesome mix out of it.

Author — Harsh manwani


Being with the page since its early days, it is incredible to see how they never fail to bring feeling and atmosphere with every new video.

Author — Alexander Black


TheGaroStudios uploaded The Avengers | The Final Curtain.


Author — TheSupahFly97