Alex Bregman leads 8-1 win in Game 4 to even World Series | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights

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Alex Bregman leads 8-1 win in Game 4 to even World Series | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights 5

Alex Bregman hit a grand slam to cap a five-RBI performance, allowing the Astros to even the World Series, 2-2!

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home field advantage doesn’t exist in this series

Author — Micqh


"I'm confused af right now"

- Home Field Advantage

Author — Juz Jokez


Super Exciting Game!!! From the sights to the sounds...if more teams, players, and ump's played like this baseball would be America's Pastime and most popular sport again!

Author — Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace


If there was a time for the Astros to start playing like the Astros again, it was tonight.

Author — The Sorge


Astros remembered what got them to the WS in the first place, which was to play some baseball while having fun.

Author — oblivion85


October where Legends are made! #Urquidy

Author — Sanchez 007


It hilarious that neither team won at home

Author — liljayfizzle


Ah yes; Urquidy as the Astros best pitcher in the WS. As we all expected.

Author — Callum Hofler


Looks like the Astros found their number 4 starter (number 3 when Cole leaves) in Urquidy. Great job by him

Author — frenchfryegr


So I'm at the sports bar and after I saw Gurriel slide towards first to get the out, I said I better see this on Jomboy and the guy next to me laughed!

It was great. Felt a real connection

Author — Nunya Business


Houston has pulled an 180 and now this is a series. Cole vs Scherzer should be a good one tomorrow

Author — Captain Star


Am I a joke to you?

-Home field advantage

Author — Rican_9


Astros need to continue putting Jose Urquidy in he was amazing🔥

Author — S M


>Beat the Astros' best two pitchers at Houston
>Proceed to drop the next two games at home

Author — PipeGuy64Bit


This series is 10X better than last year by the ways LETS GO HOUSTON ASTROS

Author — Natanael Gutierrez


Astros lose the games Verlander and Cole start and win the games greinke and urquidy, exactly how they drew it up

Author — hot takes


That's what happen when you celebrate too early and laugh about Stros. Nationals fans being silenced right now. If we play with the heart and we have a lot of fun like today.. we'll win the World Series.

Author — Douglas Alexander


Look at all the empty seats after Bregman's slam. 

Way to stay loyal, my fellow Nats "fans"

Author — blocknessmonster18


Whatever what Carlos Correa said before the game it worked for Alex Bregman to break out of the slump driving in 5 including a WS Grand Slam And Urquidy was expected to go through at least 4 innings but had other plans to get the W it was a big one for him.

Author — Metra BNSF Rails


I'm just happy the Yankees aren't playing!

Author — skyheckler