✦Special Effects Makeup Transformations | Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2017

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✦Special Effects Makeup Transformations | Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2017 4.5
Special Effects Makeup Transformations for Halloween - most scary sfx makeup Tutorials 2017!

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Author — Farrah caluma


why do she need to hurt her eye just for a vid

Author — Rebecca Franco


This is booboo
Booboo is scared of clowns 🤡
With every like he gets less scared
Make him happy again I

Author — Joanna King


Omg she is the best at makeup
If she had a store that makes face makeup for Halloween I would totally go there and scare the sh1t out of my friends

Author — Furius Dragoon


This is honestly the kind of crap that gives me nightmares
But don't worry I know that it's art and stuff

Author — Is Pepsi Ok


Is there any people from English??? ;^;

Author — IIOmgAxxber Roblox


The last one looks like kuckishe onna I have no idea how to spell it..

Author — LOLSurpriseGirl


Marcus a martinů fotky jsou moc hezké😗😗

Author — Nella Klimková


4:10 Idk if she’s supposed to look scary But to me She looks Beautiful 👌

Author — WolfyGacha


Thank you so much i done one of them and my dad got creeped out!!
And I love your videos🤙

Author — ryann stahulak


You like biotiful sou amg aytin( soi big vrie now!!!)

Author — Nadila Kodil


The channel and their faces after make up.
The Itony

Author — Akotalaga Magaling


Roses are red
Violets are blue
The title was english
I thought the comments would be to 😂😂

Author — théyy.0nly. Ãñgël


These videos are such a trip. Amazing.

Author — I am a Stranger to Myself


OMG these are the best Halloween makeup I have ever seen good job!👍

Author — Yandere chan 365


I loved the First one, but the second one, with the nose splitting open, made me Freak lol

Author — BumbleBee.


The first makeup tranformation was like the neck is cut a bit 😂😑

Author — Sofia


Eu acho bem real
mais da um pouco de medo😨

Author — diário da BÁRBARA Alencar


I love when they take off the makeup it's so satisfying but it's so cool when they have it on anybody else who can relate

Author — Maya Fowler


Last one was the best for me .... Cool

Author — Nongdambalaiz Moirangcha