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How to play: In this Gacha Life songs quiz, you will hear a brief audio clip, from a Michael Jackson song, and your challenge is to guess the song, before the time is up.

There are a total of 25 rounds and each Michael Jackson song clip is reversed. You will have less than 10 seconds per round to guess the Michael Jackson song.

Think you got this??

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To the 1 person that’ll read this: you’re cool and adorable stay safe

Author — HERO iMoOf


lol in "you rock my world" I just heard "it’s time to die"

Author — bababooey


Idk how I missed Remember the Time

Author — Justin


I wish lifeples would bring back their video but without the glitch for Smooth Criminal

Author — Corey Abell


Can you please make a jonas brothers quiz???

Author — Αναστασία Νικολάου


Me:*sees the skin*
Again me:What the hell?Is that MJ from Spoilet brat?

Also I got it right:
Remember the time, smooth criminal

I have to hear more songs than...4
(Smooth criminal, Shamone, bad, remember the time)

Author — Яна Христова


I GOT THREE WRONG NOO, it was got to be there, working day and night, pyt

Author — Marie Winz