Iran's Ruthless Response To Drug Trafficking (2000)

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Iran's Ruthless Response To Drug Trafficking (2000) 4.5
The Golden Crescent (2000) - We join the Iranian drug force fighting to stem the flow of heroin that is creating a huge underclass of addicts in Iran and flooding on into Europe and beyond.

Desperate Afghan refugees trying to escape famine are lured by the drug traffickers. Inside large storage rooms lie tons of confiscated drugs waiting to be incinerated. It’s the result of Iran’s billion dollar crackdown on smugglers. Still it represents only 5% of Afghanistan’s annual production. Despite world-wide implications of smuggling, Iran receives little help from outside. To the West “Iran is still on the borderline between ally and enemy”, says a UN expert on drugs.

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I lost my brother to heroin, it's a terrible thing, it's not only the addict that suffers, everyone that loves them is also gravely wounded, it's evil stuff.

Author — supersmiley club


So iran takes ppl but the rich saudi and uae dont

Author — tsfcancerman


War on drugs is a joke. I’m sure people remember Iran-Contra so called scandal where CIA and some generals trafficked drugs. The only way to win this so called war on drugs is to legalize every drug known to man and tax it and treat addictions not punish people for addictions. This Kurd guy was hanged for his little amount of drugs but what happened to the generals and CIA agents? Not a damn thing! Why is it that when they show these clinics for addicts there is no patients who suffer from withdrawals? They all look like they’ve never even seen heroin.

Author — M.F. Luder


Amazing how Afghan opium production started up again and increased ten fold after US took pver and the govt they installed , it is a open secret that the CIA funds many of its wars and operations such as arming and funding the “ militants” in Syria from narcotics trade, its also not so much a secret that when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas there were daily international flights of CIA air planes coming in loaded with cocaine from south America and heroin from Afghanistan and Asia, the few brave journalists who tried to expose it one was murdered the others threatened with same fate if they dont abandon it and they surely did, this leaked by one of those journalists

Author — Don Sonny


Iran has a long history of fighting the drug war on behalf of the United States who fail to understand
that their efforts to undermine Iran will have a catastrophic increase in the supply of drugs entering the USA.

Author — Roger Townsend


As usual, the weak suffer what they must! How heart breaking to see those gaunt faces desperate for a solution, those poor women with babes in arms, emaciated from extreme poverty and hunger, forced into illegal crossings and worse. The demand for Heroin? It is the panacea of many desperate souls unable to cope with life's adversities, lost the will to live, and in short, a slow suicide of those barely hanging on, yet too afraid to go over the edge. A massive global tragedy indeed!

Author — Valerie Mc Phail


Just thanks Iranian for blood and sweat they put to end the drug trafficking but all they get from western countries is more sanctions, So Ungrateful..

Author — rushdi ahmad


If it weren't for iran sacrificing their young men at the border, imagine what would have happened to the world. like the Iranian leader said, it's a sacrifice not for iran but for humanity

Author — Shirzay faqeeri


Afghanistan produces more opium and heroine since the U S invasion and occupation!

Author — James Kelman


Iran is awesome. Fun fact they almost invaded Afghanistan after the Taliban executed Iranian diplomats.

Author — TheColombiano89


Iran is a great country & like other they have drug problem too

Author — Hasan Foyejul


The only reason Iran is designated as a "pariah" state is because Israel says so and the tail wags the dog.

Author — msotil


There's something to be said about showing mercy when you have the power of life and death...

Author — Henryk Gödel


ruthless vs toothless
Iran knows how to fight the spirit of _pharmakeia_

Author — RedemptionSoS


The American embargo is partially intended to undermine the Iranian government's efforts to curtail the evil drugs trade which is supported by the USA.

Author — Keith Lynch


shooting anti aircraft weapons without ear defence. classic

Author — Mr A


now I see why Europeans a so reluctant to impose sanctions on Iran.

Author — Imran Alwageeh


Iran should ship that stock of heroin and drugs to the US maybe they will lift some sanctions

Author — Seven Wakenge


This is a real eye-opener. People in the West should really appreciate the lives they can enjoy by birthright and make the best of it rather than do drugs.

Author — MichaelAChang


Why does their army wear dark green camo when there's mostly desert? May I suggest hunter orange instead...

Author — Steve H