Couples Share Biggest Cultural Differences

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Couples Share Biggest Cultural Differences 5

Five intercultural couples share their biggest dating differences between each other: culture, food, phrases and family.

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Dating Beyond Borders is a Youtube channel that focuses on highlighting the cultural differences that come into play while dating people from other countries.

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Ana Monteiro (video)
Jason Tojeiro (editing)


Filmed in:
Lisbon Portugal

💬 Comments on the video

The guy from Brazil speaks like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Author — Yav


i died when she said “okay but i’m just making noodles”

Author — elza de souza


Okay but Brazilians are just the most amazing humans on earth wtf

Author — Tana •


I'm american and it's Adorable when my scottish husband calls me dear like we are 60 hahaha
We are in our 20s.

Author — Danielle Nagrin


Absolutely loved the Portuguese and Brazilian girls ! Such a sweet couple !

Author — Joana Rodrigues


I can relate with Brazilians being loud. There are a few international students from Brazil in my city and they seem very loud, confident and relaxed about life.

Author — Juan Doe


I like the Brazilians they re so laid back

Author — blooming flower


That brazilian dude must be from Rio, he gives me such a carioca's vibe haha

Author — taikachoo


As a linguist, I loved hearing Yasya and Miguel (the Ukranian/Bulgarian and the Brazilian) talk to each other. They have very similar accents in English because of the phonology of the languages and I love hearing them just talk XD especially since I love Brazil and the Portuguese language. Unless you know both Ukranian and Portuguese really well, you'll almost think that they're the same 'cuz they sound so similar from afar.

Author — Bill Buttlicker


colocar brasileiro em qualquer vídeo = chama brasileiro p view

Author — camila cavalcanti


I loved it when the British girl casually changed her accent to imitate her mother in law, it was cool to hear

Author — N


The couple making the tomato song was so cute! 😄

Author — ::star girl::


i think that brazilian bbq culture kinda similar with asado (argentinian bbq style). they don't sit in a table, they "snack" on the meat

Author — Echa


The bulgarian /brasilian couple are very cute 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

Author — Petya Manavska


Please one video showing a lot of Brazilians coupled with other nationalities . That was really amazing, I love so much ur videos. It's interesting that Brazil is so wide, the people's behaviours can change a lot from person to person.

Author — Daniel Gonca


haha I'm swedish and my husband is Polish, i'm atheist and he's catholic, i'm 28 he's 38.. We have cultural, religious and generation difference all in one XD...

Author — Marre8056


''ok but im just doing noodles'' I LOST IT THERE HAHAHAHA

Author — Amani Stephanie


That lusophone representation, though.

Author — Alexeiyeah


Hey everyone - as many people in the video have strong accents, I have included subtitles. So you can turn them on if you have trouble understanding what is being said.
Also, would you want to see Part 2 of this featuring other couples and other regions of the world? LIKE and comment YES below if you are!

Author — Dating Beyond Borders


The brazilian guy looks identical to the character from the movie Inside Out who’s a brazilian pilot 😮

Author — Julia Hafermann