Internal Void - Take A Look

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Artist: Internal Void
Album: Standing On The Sun

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Am I supposed to feel this way?
Will it ever end or is this all I get today?
Can I release my pain?
You tell me that I'm lost
and that my words are in vain

A simple buzz to stop my thoughts
Stuffing things inside my brain
You could say I got nothing to lose
But it's more like I got nothing to gain
Society, it's not for me
Others agree so I can't be wrong
Do you remember how it used to be
Or has it just benn too long?

Everywhere I go now everyone laughs at me
I found something to help me through
Something you could never see
I like playing rock-n-roll
But you say I'm wastin' life away
Don't ask my opinion because
I'm still trying to figure out yesterday

Define the world and bring it to me
Will I understand?
Is it plain to see?
If I tried, tell me what could I be?
Just all tied up now
but certainly not free
Can you remember?
Tell me where have you been?

I don't wanna hear your problems
I got my own
I don't wanna be your trademark
Just left alone
I don't wanna be your suspect
I don't wanna be your fool
I don't wanna listen to anything
Especially not your rules

You overlook the thing I say
you stare blankly at the things I do
I got something I believe in baby
That's more than I can say for you
I know what I want, yeah
I know how I can help my friend
I think I'll take this world we live in
And leave it behind

Author — AcydDoomGräve No Society- Undergroundööm! Promotion


glad i found these guys and wretched, earthride

Author — StationDead96


Everywhere ghost of Black Sabbath. That is good for me. I love this kind of music. Greetings from Poland.

Author — Konkwistadorrr