Famous Songs but they're PLAYED ON DRINKING GLASSES & Glass Bottles -(finlidrappermusic Compilation)

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Famous Songs but they're PLAYED ON DRINKING GLASSES & Glass Bottles -(finlidrappermusic Compilation) 5

Playing popular songs using drinking glasses and glass bottles filled with different amounts of water to create the different notes. Beats being played between the feet

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"What instrument do you play?"

This guy: "The kitchen"

Author — 2x2 official


The several thousand dollar piano in the background:
Am I a joke to you?

Author — Daily Facts


Now THIS is what tiktok should be used for talent and skills not cringe ass dances and weird af “challenges”

Author — AnaIogy


*If he ever auditions for America Got Talent*

Judges: So what are you gonna be doing?

Him: *Yes*

Author — NovaaTYT


The fact that he can also remember everything is wild.

Author — A jojo Reference


Imagine having dinner with this guy and suddenly you just lose your glass

Author — Joep D


Teacher:”any questions?”

This guy:”is glass an instrument?”

Author — Robin Dabank


Imagine living next to this guy.
That would be a pane in the glass.

Author — Shadow


If you guessed all these without looking at the names, you’re cultured.

Author — Shadownode


My friends: "What are you going to learn in quarantine?"
Me, who has been watching his tiktoks for a long time: "Im going to learn to master the force"

Author — Noah Araya


0:05- Spongebob Remix
0:43- take on me
1:10- Gravity Falls theme
1:53- Hedwig/harry potter theme
2:21- Crab Rave
2:48- cold as ice
3:22- Megalovania
4:05- Hallelujah
4:57- still D.R.E
5:31- Friends theme
6:23- candyland
6:43- break my stride
7:20- say so
7:46- dont start now
8:19- the box
9:12- ride it
9:40- blinding lights
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edit: thx for likes i have never gotten this much before
edit 2: guys yall should watch my videos cause I spent my time editing them but on one watches them

Author — Meme Lord


Imagine seeing him at the sidewalk with a drumstick on his shoe

Author — Anime Noob


Someone: So what instrument so you play?

Him: Its kind of complicated.

Author — Otaku Fujoshi


this man is a god unto himself

the mans voice is literally like an angels

i want one

Author — Tetrona Dionoxide


Can we take a second to appreciate this man's hard work and talent?

*this is the content we deserve*

Author — Emma Natalie Malbašić


Straight up, the best and most talented person on TikTok

Author — Butt Nugget


Me : watches this guy do this

Me trying this : knocks the glasses on the floor and spills the water all over myself

Author — Robloxorama


For one of the things needed for hallelujah: “aaa”

Author — Henry White


My friend: What's you're favorite instrument?

Me: It's complicated...

Author — Sen Oit


these are the kind of people who should be on america’s got talent

Author — radioangel 07