Cat Cryptids. The Wampus

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Please watch: "Monster Sharks and the Meg"
Cat Cryptids. The Wampus

I have been on the hunt, looking to find a cryptid that I knew nothing about, my inspiration being the weird creatures jumping around the house as I work.
I am talking felines or cats as they are better known.
I found a cryptid a feline creature that I haven’t heard of.
In stories of the supernatural, cats often play a prominent role. If a black cat crosses your path, it is a sign of bad luck cats have also been traditionally regarded as familiars to witches. They have been given many powers and have even been worshipped as gods, the cat I have you for today is also capable of some amazing things
Let’s take a look.

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Author — We are IF


This was a really cool video! We had never heard of the Wampus before. The Legends behind them is very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this video! We are looking forward to seeing more!

Author — Beyond the Veil Investigations


Ah the story of the Wampus and legend has it that the Wampus is a far distant cousin of Bagpuss 😁... I'm a cat fan myself and found the video so interesting!! Thanks Dave be seeing you next time and stay safe yall.

Author — Dodge the Badger


This video was purrrrfect and definitely the cat's meow! No way nobody could be catatonic watching it! This video gets your mind of all the catastrophes! I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. Seriously I thoroughly enjoyed this video!! I am fascinated by cats of all sizes. I think it's neat that my sons and I have seen big black panthers near here where we live in the wild. We have a part Maine Coon cat that is bigger than our 2 little dogs, a Boston and a Miniature Yorkie. Our cats name is Angel the 2nd (named after my Angel) I had as a teenager until my early 20's. He measures 3 feet from head to tail. I love all cats of all sizes and breeds and types. I am an animal lover and have owned all kinds of animals from horses to skunks. Oh and I know Damaris will love this one as she loves cats too. 😊😻🐱🐈 Thanks IF! You rock as always! 👍❤

Author — Marla Mitchell


Well yeah chimeras. Ancient technology

Author — Ålîçě Whîţě ĻHPW


Sukatooro Juboro konoke liwatoren Sakitene Aduyai ngomu ngmone Wampus Vaolo Vutto Varpak Hang

Author — Fariz Rafshanjani09