The track of Hurricane Dorian

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The track of Hurricane Dorian 5

Animation of the track of Hurricane Dorian as it began life in the Central Atlantic, developed into a tiny tropical storm near the Lesser Antilles, and became a hurricane near the US Virgin Islands. Dorian became one of the strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic with winds of 185mph when it made landfall in the Bahamas, before running up the east coast of the United States and slamming into Nova Scotia shortly after turning post-tropical.

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*How Many Times Do You Want To Be A Major Hurricane?*

*Dorian: Yes*

Author — Howard The Alien Dude


who else remembers when force thirteen gave Dorian a 1% chance of being a CAT 5?

Author — JoshCohen


Dorian: I will destroy Florida!

Bahamas: I’m about to end this man whole career ( along with mine)

Author — Mr OofYeet


Not even Haiyan, Patricia, or Katrina was a CDPS stage 10.

Author — Pat


The fact that Dorian was at stage 10 on the CSPS for over a day or close to it should tell how strong the storm was.

Author — Alferia


Moral of the story is, the bahamas took a bullet for the U.S.

Author — Joey


Remember when we thought Puerto Rico was gonna be Dorian's biggest victim?

Author — coldshamrock


Hurricane Dorian stood still in Bahamas, that’s what caused the devastating damage you see. Imagine if it stood still in Florida, we would have been destroyed/annihilated

Author — NCF29YT


Who remembers back when Dorian was a weak tropical storm?

Author — MedianEgg


Good-riddance to one of the most powerful storms in the history of the Atlantic basin! You will not be missed Dorian.

Author — Coco Taveras


Hi everyone I survived Dorian it was nighmare so many are leaving Freeport and aback now places are devastated house got flooded where we werent expecting it to flood so many dead send water

Author — tyrese coley


Dorian was so powerful that it changed the direction of the gulf stream. Let that marinate

Author — One Dinero


when it had TS conditions in new jersey, it didn’t look like much from this map, but in real life it was BAD, power outages, trees fallen over, 50mph gusts, heavy rain, flooding, storm surge, huge waves, etc.

Author — Penglings


Can’t wait to see the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season animation

Author — KITTYCATgamer100 Games And Vlogs!


Tropical wave or disturbance a couple days before landfall then destroys Bahamas as a category 5

Author — Legendary Godzilla


Bahamas: we have never gotten hit with a category 5 hurricane
Dorian: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Jake 24


that sudden jump to 1 to 5 destruction scale though

Author — Droson


Thank you for this. I've been offline the last six days and finding out that my friend was in in Nova Scotia and w/out power and running water. I wondered how the heck Dorian made it up there.

Author — Shlisa Shell


never forget when the dorian decided not to move for like 2 days

Author — Izahar Robledo


Dude if Dorian has to us in Florida as strong as it was, many of us would have lost our houses

Author — DaviloX07 _