Nikon Z5 Video Test (Video Autofocus, IBIS, High ISO Test and Z5 Tips)

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Thanks for the video.

Is the IBIS as good as the IBIS of the Z6/Z6II?

Author — S. Oliver


Thanks for all this Z5 videos, Taylor. Im looking to replace my D750s for weddings, but I do care for video. The quality of the Z5 looks like upscaled 720p with crazy oversharpening. Doesn't look nearly as good as the Z6, Fujis or Canon. I wonder if Nikon is doing something weird with the processing.

Author — Guillermo Alessandri


I am finding that my F mount lenses on my Z6 are performing better as well. I wasn't sure if it was just me or just the fact that I upgraded from a D3500, but I and noticing a major difference in focus speed, less jogging, and overall performance. My fav goto lens is the 85mm. I have been watching a load of your videos more recently and I find it funny that a found a guy that appreciates the same setup as I do. Just saying that I appreciate your vision, passion, and aesthetic in your photography and content. Also, It's great to see you are enjoying the journey and having fun with it. Love the little songs and music videos you create!

Author — Pear's Studio


Thank you for doing these!! You’re the best!! 👍

Author — Whiskey Forever Neat


How fast is switching from FF to crop mode? Can it be programmed on the other Fn button? As I would have only the 35mm for weddings due to budgeting, I thought the ideal combo would be to be in face/eye AF, with subject tracking on one Fn button, and DX mode on the other

Author — Adriana Gabriela


How does the viewfinder perform in dark situations? I heard that it is extremely noisy

Author — Frenzay


Great vid. Did you use an ND filter on the golf course? I have a Sony a73 and I have to be careful not to clip the whites/skies when I'm outside. The blue sky and cloud color and detail look great in your ideo. I read somewhere that the Nikon z system is really good in daylight.

Author — Eddie Robles


I might sound naive, but wanted to reconfirm, does it have image stabilization in video mode, like 5 axis one in Sony a6600..?? between, very nice video..!!

Author — The Common Man On Wheels


I had some trouble when i bought my Z6 with the DX lenses. I did not know that you cant use the full frame with those lenses. Do you have a video on that topic or are you going to make one, or neither?

Author — Hjalmar Widerquist


Me having a Canon T6 / 1300d
Ummm Niko can't match with Canon's camera 😤
😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 My camera can't even autofocus while shooting

Author — JERiN


My dream camera. I wish I can buy it :(

Author — Miscellaneous Videos


I love Nikon but I am kind of pissed I can shoot 120P with my Z50 but somehow the Z5 is missing that...

Author — Knights of the Apex


The IBIS (or lack thereof) made me actually feel dizzy and a bit sick

Author — Caleb Weaver


Is z 5 a good first FF for general shooting and 1080 p as i feel i have no need for 4k
Also im thinking z 50 instead, which would be better as i would like start vlogging

Author — Harry burnett


This camera makes a ton of sense for people just starting out with shooting weddings. The dual card slots are important, and the 1080p video is "good enough" as long as you're not doing cinematography. With such a severe crop, the 4K video might as well not exist, but it doesn't need to in a camera of this class. Still, it seems a little cynical to do this just to make people pay extra for the Z6 II, but I understand.

And, if you have a Z6/Z7 I or II, this would make a great B camera.

Author — Daniel Dougan


I hope they release the 200-600mm soon

Author — Mad English TV


Do you prefer d750 or this z5 for wedding photo ?? im confuse

Author — Fangli Sinaulan


How to I set it to manual iso. Auto iso isn't looking good.

Author — Matthew Thomas


should i buy it or buy more DOGECOIN hmm 🤔

Author — Default Name


auto focus eye tests at night, please :-)

Author — Anderson Nascimento - Foto Filme Drone