TOP 20 Things to Do in VIENNA Austria 2023 | Travel Guide

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

The best things to do in Vienna, Austria are not always easy to figure out. Especially during the new normal. This travel guide will help you discover the top 20 sights and attractions in Vienna (Wien) including the famous Stephansdom, Schloss Schönbrunn, the State Opera and lots of coffee houses and restaurants.

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0:00 Intro
1:47 2: Café Central
3:40 4: Ringstraße Tram Tour
6:13 6: Café Sacher
7:59 8: Staatsoper
8:53 9: Café Aida
11:30 12: Manner Shop
13:41 14: Prater
15:40 15: Gulasch
16:05 16: Apfelstrudel
17:58 18: Karlskirche
20:00 20: Palatschinken

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I’m from Sweden but I lived in Vienna for 5 years, and I can’t encourage anyone to visit enough. It’s the most wonderful City on the planet

Author — @ownstyle5878


Fun fact: the building you're showing as the Hofburg is actually the Neue Burg (new castle), the newest part of the Hofburg. It was finished after the monarchy disintegrated. They origninally planned a huge Kaiserforum (emperor's forum) with an identical builiding like the Neue Burg on the opposite site, the two twin museums (national art and national history museum) between and the royal stables (which is the Museumsqartier or MQ today) after but the monarchy didn't hold that long.
The Imperial Treasury is the oldest part of the Hofburg, the Ecclesiastical Treasury was always used to hold the Habsburg treasures.
I worked for the national art museum (KHM) and they told us a lot about the history of the buildings.

Author — @hanna-gb2bk


In 2015 my family and I visited Vienna, the first church was impressive, you have to see it in person, video can't show how magnificent it is.

Author — @paulywang


I have been to Vienna many times and love the city very much. I go there mainly to see some Opera performances which are great but I also love all the museums, architecture, the cafes, the food, the night markets and lots of other things. It is a marvellous city and so full of everything anyone could ever want. Two places which I love visiting are the Cafe Mozart, just behind the Opera House. I love to go there for a late meal after the Opera and also the Cafe Demel, where I can watch the cakes being made at the back of the cafe. I always go there before my flight back to buy some of their cakes to bring back with me.
Sadly I have not been there for the past 8 years firstly due to health issues and more recently due to the pandemic but I hope to go there again in the next year or two. I also love visiting Salzburg and have gone there many times for the summer music festival which is absolutely amazing.

Author — @Ariadne-cg4cq


Thank you for this wonderful video, Max. I spent an amazing year in Vienna as a young music student (1971-72). Visitors to Vienna need to experience the musical culture of this amazing heritage. In that year, I saw over 50 operas and 50 concerts (standing room). Your video brings back great memories.

Author — @johnmaryn4497


I have visited Vienna several times and I was going over and over again in Vienna time travel. I will encourage everyone to go in Vienna time travel because it offers interactive tour through Vienna's history. It's so inspiring that you would want to have the same kind of tour for your country!

Author — @GiorgiBekurashvili


Planning a trip now and this video has been so much more helpful than many of the other Vienna travel vlogs! Thanks and great job :)

Author — @willandalextravel


I'm Mexican and I've been to Europe but not Austria. So Vienna is in my bucket list. I want to try the sachetorte and visit the Schönbrunn palace. 😍❤️

Author — @lauramontesinos2582


Hi Max... Very nice video. You are missing Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Zoo). Is very nice and has a lot of history.
Probably not what you would do on a city trip but what makes Vienna special to me as a local is how quickly with public transport you are in Wienerwald for a light hike or on the Donauinsel for a swim.

Author — @hw9177


I love Vienna. It's one of my favorite cities in the winter. I have never been there in the summer or Spring. I used to go skiing to Innsbruck, great skiing there. Next time I go I like to go In the Spring or Summer. They have great festivals there too. The city looks very different with no snow.

Author — @margalinam


Viedeň je bohatá na históriu, mali sme možnosť vidieť toho dosť, aspoň sme vrátili v spomienkach.🙂 Ďakujeme za virtuálnu prehliadku 🙂 Viedeň je domovom moje dcéry a jej rodiny❤️🙂

Author — @jozefmacinga8417


Amazing video thank you Max! Vienna is so magisterial ❤

Author — @SammyB-Habebe


What makes the Kunsthistorische Museum so special is that the exact same building is opposite of it the Naturhistorische Museum, where you can experience a lot nature, animals and so many more things and in the middle between these two identical museums is a Maria Theresia statue.

Author — @aciduchiha3557


Thank you Max for a beautiful presentation of Vienna. Yours is the best. "Ich bin ein Wiener" but left home 65 years ago, so it is wonderful to see what you've shown and the way you did it. Thank you

Author — @ThePortmaccer


I am visiting Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic in two weeks and came across your videos when researching the cities!! I really enjoyed watching your video on Munich and now this one on Vienna! Great job and thank you!!

Author — @farideddinbazzal5157


I went to Vienna this summer for the first time this summer, two full days plus other two half days (so let's say three days in total). I'm glad I managed to do many of the things here in less time and I had a great time! I recommend also the Oberes Belvedere with Klimt's The Kiss, Schiele and many more. Also, the café at the Kunthistorisches is gorgeous and I've eaten an amazing Sachertorte there. Beautiful city and good suggestions for a first time visitor. I hope I can go back there and visit Karkskirche because unfortunately I din't manage to be round there when it was open. thanks for the video!

Author — @lorettabertoli3736


I should have watched this video first! Max features exactly what I want to do on my visit: eat pastries and drink coffee in an elegant setting. Also needed a recommendation for a good Weinerschnitsel, and in a historic venue to boot. Thanks Max!

Author — @barbobrien9318


I’m literally planing a trip to Vienna right now ! this video is really informative and what I was looking for, so glad I found it !

Author — @dianachicchon8588


What a great video! Thank you for putting so much effort into your videos💛

Author — @elviragerasimova8702


I visited Vienna in 2018, one of the Classy city.. Thanks for refreshing memories 😎

Author — @cookwithshakti6122